Thursday, December 14, 2006


Black wrap sweater, Bloch. Textured leopard camisole, Express. Brown suede skirt with cutouts, Target. Brown fishnet tights, No Boundaries. Brown boots, Nine West. Earrings, World Market. Leopard print scarf. Fracas perfume.

The two leopard print pieces are ancient. I bought the scarf around 1997 and the tank in 2000. Both used to be part of my “clubbing” attire. I also had a sheer, leopard print, button-up, collared shirt, but I think I finally gave it away to Goodwill. I really wanted to wear it this morning, over the cami and under the sweater, but settled for the scarf instead. I rarely regret cleaning out my closet, but I did today.

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The Lunatic Fringe said...

Nice outfit! I'm never sure about mixing black and brown, but you do it well, and with leopard print too!!

Do you think you could advise me on how to wear a faux-fur yellow tiger print skirt? I'd like to do a mix of brown and black also... but not sure how. Brown tights and black top? Or vice versa? And what colour shoes?

I have no sense of style!