Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Favorite Pants

Multicolored tweed jacket. Chocolate brown pants, Body by Victoria. Pink, sequined camisole, by Deep Los Angeles. Cross necklace with green stones, Target.

I wear these pants quite a bit. I bought them from the Victoria’s Secret catalog around February 2004, in preparation for my transition from the military to the business world. I started wearing them when I began my first civilian job, in August 2004. Since then, I’ve worn them at least three times a month. Assuming I paid about $60 for them, after 28 months, I’m down to about 70 cents per wearing.

They’ve held up well too. The inside button on the waistband is coming loose and one of the leg hems has come partially undone, but no one can see those things. The bottoms of the legs have salt stains from wearing them on the city streets in the winter, but they are hardly noticeable.

The only beef I have with these pants is that they are cuffed. I usually wear heels. I quickly learned that cuffs + heels = danger. I can’t tell you how many times I caught a spiked heel in the cuff and went tumbling. Now, I only wear thick heels that aren’t likely to find their way into the cuffs. I’ll never buy another pair of cuffed pants.

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Londyn said...

You may have to be arrested for all those low cut tops!