Monday, December 11, 2006

Warm Day in December

Black, short-sleeved velvet blazer, Forever 21. Pink, cowl neck tank, New York and Company. Black slacks, Nine and Company. Heart necklace, Black pumps, Michelle D.

Hooray, today’s high is supposed to be 57 degrees! I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to wear short sleeves, lightweight pants, and pumps. I’ve got a black velvet scarf to wrap around me if I get too cold at work.

This will probably be my standard hairdo for the next few weeks. We are performing every night, so my hair is getting sprayed and curled every night, so I have a big pouf head every morning. Twisting it up and securing it with a stick tames the crazy hair cloud. You wouldn’t want to touch it though; it’s crunchy!

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