Thursday, August 23, 2007


Black, silk blend shrug, INC. Leopard print cami, Express. Black, lace-edged cami, New York and Company. Rust skirt, Eddie Rodrigez. Black patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Enamel and metal earrings, World Market. Golden paillette necklace, Body Central. Quilted patent headband, Claire’s Boutique. Kitty, Zoro

Thank goodness my hair is still long enough to pull back in a pony. It looks horrible after sleeping in our hot, humid house and I didn’t have time to fight the frizzies.

Zoro absolutely refused to move; I had to carefully place my feet so as to not tread on his extremities. He is my fourth kitty, but I’m trying to find a new home for him. Bear (and sometimes Yoda) constantly beats him up. Right now, Zoro lives behind the microwave most of the time. Very sad! If you are a nice person with a quiet home and want a sweet kitty, email me. (No other pets or kids would be best because he is quite skittish.) He’s fixed and up to date on vaccinations. Click on his name for adorable photos.


Kitty Couture said...

You look so classy and everything coordinates very well, including the jewels. I love the rust skirt , and your shoes!!

Your kitty is adorable and beautiful. Hope he finds a good home. (I already have a very exclusive kitty and, ahem, I probably live too far away anyway! ).

Anonymous said...

you look great! but I recommend you to wear black sheer nylon tights, they will combine perfect with the black pattent shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, read your blog every day and I'm wondering how you keep the cat hair off your clothes. Any tips you'd like to share?

Good luck with Zoro.


Kasmira said...

Hi Shannon! I have three tips for keeping pet hair off your (work) clothes:

1. Never leave your clothing on a horizontal surface, like a bed, chair, table, etc. Either there will be existing cat hair there, or the cats will nap on them. If I'm feeling too lazy to hang my clothes up in the closet or tuck them into the armoire, I throw them over the top of a wooden screen.

2. Make getting dressed the last thing you do. I do makeup and hair and wait to get dressed until about 10 minutes before I walk out the door. This also saves me from spilling breakfast on myself. I try not to sit down once I'm dressed. (Nobody wants a cat hair butt!)

3. Keep a lint roller near the front door and at work. The harsh flourescent lighting of most offices reveals pet hair you may have missed at home.

Anonymous said...

classy? you look like a salsa teacher gone stripper.