Friday, August 31, 2007

For Martin

Cropped sweater, Mossimo. Gray tank with sequins, H&M (via swap with my other car is a spaceship). Dark denim, Express (overdyed by me). Sandals, Mossimo. Silver purse, thrifted. White sunglasses, George ME.

This started out as just a casual, Friday night, date-with-my-husband sort of an outfit, but it ended up being something Martin of Daddy Likey would probably like. Mikey of House of Wawa didn’t like it, though. He said that the shirt’s sequins poked him in the arm during our movie house cuddles.


Kitty Couture said...

Your cropped cardigan is super cute! It would work really well with a dress, as well.

Wendygital said...

Love the outfit!
The pockets in the cropped cardigan are cute.
And that's a lovely purse. :-)

Wendygital said...

BTW, thanks for linking me! :-)
I'm still building my links, but I'll add you this week.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but this outfit is so horrible. It looks like early- 90s-teenager- went-to-walmart-with-babysitting-money. It is so mid-west, cheap, matchy matchy... I matchy my bag to my shoes to my sweater....puke. Ugh. diss gust ting. Honestly the only thing good about the outfit is the haircut, the worst is the shoes. Burn them. Please...please burn them. Yuk.
The only way you could keep them is maybe if you........wore them no, burn them.

Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed your self? Isn't there anyting ese in the world?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above two posts, but not it such a mean way. You truly look too old for this outfit and really are sending the impression that you are caught up on yourself. If I saw you in public I would think you look like you are trying too hard. That is my honest opinion. I hope you realize there is more to life than clothes and well ... you.

Anonymous said...

are you retarded? all these outfits look so gay. you're too old for these outfits. and in my opinion, you can't pull most of them off. so spare us please don't try. i don't want to sound harsh. but it's true. save it for the teens, and not the old mothers. kaye thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking as a guy that puts on a dress shirt in the morning because, well, it's simply the next one on the hangers, it's nice to see someone like Kasmira: She cares enough about her personal fashion sense to work at it, blog about it and, Heaven forbid, enjoy it. And then there's people who apparently care enough to criticize her for doing all of the above.

Nice to see people care about anything.


Comments like "why are you so obsessed your self? Isn't there anyting [sic] ese [and another sic] in the world?" Asking why Kasmira cares about this instead of something more important™ is just a silly question. Let the commenter tell me something they care about, and trust me, I can find something "more important". And if they are doing such damn important things, why are they taking time out of their busy schedule to post comments? Is that Dafur thing over already? Maybe Kasmira has time to both blog and do important things™, although, I suspect, still not important enough for some.

Asking if she's obsessed with herself? What or who else should she be obsessed with? Are we to think the person asking that isn't obsessed with themselves?

Why does Kasmira share this one thing that she cares about? I don't know. People blog about their cats, their jobs (not recommended, especially if you are doing it from work), their completely unsolicited thoughts on politics and religion, their deepest innermost musing and often all manner of confessional exposition that they would never tell their priest, their mom and/or law enforcement.

That's what blogging is for. That's why you are reading this right now.

Now, about the really catty stuff... "I am sorry but this outfit is so horrible. It looks like early- 90s-teenager- went-to-walmart-with-babysitting-money. It is so mid-west, cheap, matchy matchy..." [Blah blah]

Cathy, I know you take fashion seriously, but when you get your bi-weekly dry cleaning back, take the clothes out of the plastic bag and air them out a bit before wearing them. Gives off fumes, you know. Wait, I just re-read that tirade of yours. On second thought, Cathy, I think you have to stop putting the plastic bag over your head.

Really, it's not a toy.

Anyway, being a guy, I don't quite get some women's obsession with other women not "dressing their age" (or dressing too much in some other way). I assume that's what Cathy started talking about before she pulled the Vogue version of James Joyce on us. It not only seems like jealousy on some women's part, but an attempt, conscious or not, to lower the playing field of life and love --whatever competition they perceive for whatever reason -- to their level of mediocrity.

Kasmira, as the saying goes, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Lucky for you it seems the hammers here came from the Bob the Builder play set.

My regards.

Anonymous said...

okay it's nice that you "care" about fashion, i do too. but let's face it i'm only 15 years old and this outfit looks too young and cheap even for me. also some of your other pics look like your trying a little too hard. some of the things your wearing would look great, but not all together at one time. and for anyone who will trash this comment saying "i'm only 15" i seriously spend a lot of time with fashion and shop at more trendy stores like H&M and not just Abercrombie like everyone else.