Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Indian Skirt, Round 2

White oxford bodysuit, Moda International. Indian wrap skirt, 4th of July Flea Market in Longview, WA (my hometown). Black pumps, Michelle D. Indian silver earrings, Ali’s Boutique.

I’m seriously considering swapping this skirt. I rarely wear it because the waist always looks wonky. I’ll try it one more time (last wore this in Feb) before I put it up for swap.

Rear view:


Looks to Love said...

That is a really cute and unique skirt! I don't know how it looks in person, but it comes out really good in the pictures!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is darling! FWIW, I don't see any wonkiness.

Melody said...

What a beautiful skirt! Think twice about swapping it (unless you want to swap it to me...smile). You look fab!

Londyn said...

I would totally swap for this skirt!!! It is super cute :)

I have been thinking about getting one of those body suit shirts too, so I wouldn't always have to keep tucking in my shirt over and over again all day when I where a button up shirt. Are they comfy or annoying?

Kasmira said...

I like that the bodysuits stay tucked in, but the snap crotch is uncomfortable. I usually wear my giant underpants beneath.