Friday, September 28, 2007

Black Black

Black wrap sweater, Bloch. Black lace top, Newport News. Black strapless dress, Moda International. Silver acorn necklace, Express. Black pumps, Michelle D.

Looking at today’s photo, you might think you have the wrong blog. I don’t think I’ve ever worn all black (at least, not in the last year). The closest I’ve come is a black and gray outfit last November. (I was going to link to the entry from last November, but it is a truly horrible picture.)

I was instructed to dress in black for an audition I have this evening. I wanted to at least wear brightly colored shoes, but I don’t want to be labeled “that person who can’t follow simple instructions.”

Speaking of “Black Black,” that is the name of my favorite gum. I used to chew it when I lived in Japan. It had a mint and menthol taste and was rumored to contain both caffeine and nicotine. It was great to clear the sinuses and wake one up. I should look for it next time I visit Jungle Jim’s. I could use a piece today, after a late night at the thee-ay-tah.

(All black outfits are difficult to photograph. If you want to see the details, I think you can pick most of them out by clicking on the photo to see a larger view.)


WendyB said...

You look good! But it's true, black photographs poorly as far as interesting details go.

Anonymous said...

Stylish. And may I say happy not to see the pigeon toe stand in this pic. It can be charming, but a little little-girly.

- Girl from Hong Kong, who believes in being grown up!

Anonymous said...