Friday, September 14, 2007

Green and Military Black

Emerald green, satin blouse, Express. Black skirt, from my USMC dress blues uniform. Patent mary janes, Xhilaration. Patent, quilted headband, Claire’s Boutique. Earrings, from my wedding.

On Monday, I got the clever idea to dye my olive drab skirt (from my USMC service uniform) black so that I could wear it to work. I couldn’t do it Monday night, because of rehearsal, but I planned to do it on Tuesday night. By Tuesday afternoon, though, I realized that I already had a black uniform skirt. Despite the name “dress blues,” my skirt (and the matching jacket) for that uniform are black. So, instead of dyeing the green skirt, I’m going to add black lace trim to make it look less uniform-like. Both skirts are great for this fall’s ladylike trend. They are highwaisted, fitted (all my uniforms were tailored), and well-constructed.

I was so excited to add two new skirts (for free!) to my workwear closet that I counted my collection. I am appalled to share with you that I have 30 (THIRTY) work skirts. I didn’t even count the estimated 15-ish casual skirts in my other closet or the five or so I have up for swap. Who needs 30 skirts? I must remember this next time I go thrifting.

I’m wearing green again to rehearsal tonight. You can expect a Best O’ the Green poll along with the photo.


Anonymous said...

i'm digging the partial view of the klimt print in the background! :-)



Kitty Couture said...

Oh, you look absolutely lovely!!

Vicki said...

Nothing wrong with 30 skirts! But I don't remember seeing that many in your wardrobe!?

Virtuous said...

I likes!

Where is the purse from??

Anonymous said...

I love the green week theme !


Meg said...

Love the blouse!

SHOEGAL said...

You look fab, I love that style of skirt!

Don't feel bad about 30 skirts - they must just be your thing. I have a thing for jeans and consequently have 21 pairs. I have to remember that when I'm tempted by jeans when out shopping!

Kasmira said...

There are 26 or 27 skirts in the left closet and the remaining 3 or 4 in the right! They are packed in tightly.

The purse is from Kohl's. I think Apt 9 is one of their house brands. I bought it there in June.

Virtuous said...

Thanks Kasmira for letting me know about the purse! :o)

I love handle clutch purses!

Anonymous said... dyed your USMC uniform? You look great, don't get me wrong, don't find it the least disrespectful to dye your uniform? If it were an Army uniform I could understand, but Marines??? come on, now, hahaha

kct said...

I totally agree with most of the poster on this site...don't worry about the number of skirts that you have. You look VERY pretty and SEXY in you skirts.

I totally agree with one of the previous posters saying that skirts are definitively your think.

Terry Mahoney said...

Semper Fi, ma'am.

If I still fit into my uniforms, I might use the trousers occaisionally.