Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shirt plus Dress equals Shirtdress

Plum shirt, New York & Co. Strapless dress, Newport News. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Brown disk earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Headband, Scunci.

I like shirtdresses, but I haven’t found any I liked enough to buy. (Does my camp dress count as a “shirtdress”?) I think a shirt over a strapless dress looks pretty close to an actual shirtdress.


Londyn said...

love the color of this top! would love to borrow :)

patsijean said...

You look great in this color combination, and the decision to wear the shirt belted over the strapless dress is inspired.

Single Ma said...

I love this look. I have lots of summer/spring dresses that I quit wearing in the fall/winter. This is an excellent way to change the look. I'm going to try something similar.