Friday, March 21, 2008

East Meets Western

Denim jacket and asian dress, Forever 21 (but dress via swap). Gray tee, Bitten. Gray leggings and red beads, Xhilaration. Golden leaf earrings, Claire’s. Cowboy boots, Playhouse.

This was too casual for work, but I wore it anyway. Today was sort of like a Friday, because we have tomorrow (Good Friday) off, so I figured that I could get away with a casual getup. It was insanely comfortable. In fact, without the jacket, it felt a little too much like pajamas.

Note: I do NOT look like this when I sleep. Instead, I’m all sprawled out with my mouth open and drool leaking. I took a picture like that, but Mike told me it was to sexy(?!) to post.

I must be honest, I wore a different pair of boots at work: my gray slouchy pair. I liked the long line of gray leggings and matching boots, but the short-hem-leggings-stiletto-heel combo seemed too sexy for the office. I was uncomfortable all day. Mike brought my cowboy boots in when he picked me up so that I wouldn’t feel so whorish stalking about the Kenwood Mall.

Which boots do you like better with the outfit?

I like these boots best...
Cowboy Boots
Gray Slouchy Boots free polls


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the pictures but I don't think this looks too casual to wear to the office. What did your coworkers think?

Keilexandra said...

I have to say, the cowboy boots bug me a little. You don't have any brown elsewhere, and it's jolting to the eye.

Sara said...

I love the combo with the cowboy boots. GREAT LOOK!!!

Anonymous said...

i always love what you wear, i wish i could come visit you and we could have a girly weekend! that would be so fab trying on your diffrent outfits, very nice indeed
keep up the good work

Kasmira said...

Anon - honestly, I talk about my outfits at work as little as possible. I'm afraid that I'll come across as vapid or appearance-obsessed.

There was hardly anyone there to see me anyway, so I guess I was safe! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this with the cowboy boots. The juxtaposition is insane.

& actually, the theater I worked at in Bellingham was Sehome, in the same strip mall complex as Haggen? I didn't know you had lived in Bellingham--much less suffered in the same popcorn grease stained movie theater vests!