Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Over at Vox (where my friend Julie has a blog), they have a Question Of The Day for bloggers to answer. I suppose it stimulates “conversation.” It is way cooler than the random questions Blogger puts on one’s profile. My QOTD is: “How many random layers can I put on before Mike is ashamed to be seen with me in Walmart?” Answer: four and counting.

Gray cardigan, Wet Seal. Blue dress, Frederick’s of Hollywood. Burgundy long-sleeve tee and gray leggings, Mossimo. Pleather cowboy boots, Playhouse. Brown purse, thrifted. Indian silver necklace.

Actually, the inspiration for this outfit was more than shock value (besides, Mike is awfully hard to shock anymore). I was trolling through my old photos and came across one of this dress. That’s when I realized I’ve only worn it once. And then I thought of the closetful of casual dresses that have gone unworn for months. I haven’t worn them because it’s been cold, but that’s really no excuse. I hereby resolve to start wearing my casual dresses, layered if need be, whenever I go out in the evenings. I’m sick of jeans anyway.

I’ve been wearing these boots all season (I bought them last January). They aren’t real leather, but they were only $20 and I really wanted cowboy boots. My favorite thing about the boots: the star-shaped cutouts. They look especially neato when you shine light through them in a dark room. Unfortunately, my leg is usually in the way.


Unknown said...

Random layers! Hurrah!}

And the boots are cute; I love the little shining stars!

Anonymous said...

mmm...a bit "bag lady in a hurry" for me. the blue dress is a little smurfy underneath the dull grey and with the brown boots.