Friday, March 14, 2008

BB&B: Military No More

Black lace shirt, Newport News. Black shrug, INC. Pink tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Green skirt, from my USMC service uniform (with lace trim added by me). Green belt with leaf closure, H&M. Black pumps, Bandolino.

I know my white legs are a little jarring in this photo. I was wearing some really neat black, openwork tights, but I snagged them on my stiletto heel. (Because I am apparently SO graceful that I step on my own feet.)

Today’s outfit was sort of a combination of two past outfits:

I think I’ve thoroughly demilitarized this skirt. When I tell people this used to be a Marine Corps uniform skirt, they are always surprised. It looks decidedly un-military-like paired with a hot pink tank and black lace.

And I’m sorry that I’m making such awkward faces today. It’s like some sort of disease. Even when I look away, it’s semi-deformed. I had a full day planned, so no time to mug to the camera all morning.


Anonymous said...

Love the almost looks like it was made for that skirt.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Not only have you successfully paired some usually un-pairable colors, but you have very interestingly mixed different textures and pulled it off quite subtly (not to mention the combination of different fashion genres).


Anonymous said...

Love the belt. I always buy belts because they are nice but fail to wear them. This week has been a great help on getting right! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

OMG- you look super cute in that. Rock those legs!! I too am super pale but will not tan due to familial history.
Ok, I have to ask you. No in my family (the women) have been able to help me. I saw your new dyed dress the other day, so I must ask.
How do you "set" color in denim? I just got a great pair of jeans from Gap, but they are dark blue. I have tried super cold soak and vinegar soak, but to no avail. Any info would be great!

Love your daily color!! It helps to make my day brighter. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to makeover a skirt! Nice pairing of colors, too. I have contemplated more than once the idea of getting a small sewing machine in order to be able to save some money on minor alternations. You make it seem worthwhile. Have a great weekend. L

Jac said...

I love nearly all of your outfits, particularly when you combine what could be boring staples with coulour and soft textures (yesterday being a perfect example - a fabulous look) but the outfit today is truely tragic. The lace is cheap and tacky, the belt is a nasty 80's throw-back (and not in a funky retro way) and the hot pink is horrible. This is so not you - what were you thinking? Please explain!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I nearly spit up my scones after viewing your outfit. I'm a giddy kipper prior to perusing your blog each morning, but today, I wish I'd stayed in bed and never put on my knickers!