Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brown and Gray Sunday

Gray cardigan, Wet Seal. Gray and green striped dress, Mossimo. Dark denim, Calvin Klein. Brown moccasins, Me Too. Tooled leather belt (with the name “Skye”), thrifted. Feathered hair clip, 100 Yen Store. Apple watch pendant, Forever 21. (Ashen skin, courtesy of some bad Photoshopping.)

I wore a similar outfit a few weeks ago (see picture at left), but I didn’t like the way it turned out then. I thought it needed a belt, so I added one this time. And I lost the hat.

Some may find it shocking that I’ve paired brown and gray here. I’ll admit that I once had an aversion to mixing the two colors. Lately, though, I’ve found it to look sort of casually sophisticated. And, really, what is all the hullabaloo about mixing brown and gray? You find the two colors together in nature all the time – tree bark, cat fur, bird feathers, rock outcroppings. I took my color cue from this feathered hair clip and kitty Yoda (and his imaginary twin).


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job with the twin cat image!


Ping said...

I think the belt pieces the outfit together much better than without. I haven't seen any pictures of Yoda yet! So thanks for posting one. :{D

Gervy said...

Love the colour combo, and the photos of you are even more gorgeous than usual - your eyes look very green.