Friday, March 21, 2008

Boggity Bog Bog

Leather jacket, Wilson’s. Orange and pink scarf, Studio Eighteen. Sheer blouse with crochet trim, swapped. Orange cardigan (barely visible), Mossimo. Denim, Dollhouse. Cowboy boots, Playhouse.

Whatiwore2day was “on location” today at the Cedar Bog northeast of Dayton, OH. You’ll be absolutely shocked to hear that we had the bog (actually a “fen”) all to ourselves! (I guess no one visits swamps on a cold March day.) Fashion in action at the bog:

True fashionistas match their socks to their outfits.

You may notice that there’s no scarf at the bog. We stopped at Marshall’s on the way back and I bought the scarf and the cutest black dress.

You can see the rest of the bog pictures by clicking on the image to the left. (But they are mostly of landscapes and plants, not me.)


Kim said...

Ooh, that looks like great fun. Fantastic pictures.

Londyn said...

great pictures! looks like you had a wonderful day :)

Anonymous said...

The bog is almost always empty! It is one of my favorite day trips from Cincinnati.

mbbored said...

I was actually thinking about you and the color orange this weekend.

I'm not a particularly adventurous dresser, and with uber fair skin, I never thought I could pull off orange. But, I found this fabulous light orange/corally sundress dress at Kohl's and I just had to have that sunshiny dress.

Do you think I could pull it off with lime green strappy stilettos? I have a cute lime beaded necklace that matches, or should I go for the orange & red beaded necklace? Help!

Kasmira said...

I think the coral dress would look FABULOUS with lime green accents! I wouldn't add more than two green accents. If you're looking to add anything else to the outfit (cardigan, purse, etc) I'd choose a neutral color. White would be dynamite.