Wednesday, April 02, 2008

KC: Black and Brown

Black blazer, Breakin' Loose. Black and tan dress, Max Studio. Black pumps, Bandolino. Brown leather belt, thrifted. Amber pendant, Ali's Boutique. Wooden bracelet, via swap.

I'm traveling to Kansas City today. Pockets are very handy when traveling.


KT said...

I love this outfit almost as much as I love Kansas City! (I LOVE Kansas City!)

Anonymous said...

I"m not sure I like your recent trend of wearing thin buckle belts high on your waist over sweaters and blazers. I think the look would be better with a thicker cinched belt. The skinny buckle belts look made for beltloops so higher up on the waist makes you look short waisted. It also seems to make you look wider, which I know you are not! I preferred the wider belt look, I think it played up your slim waist!

Anonymous said...

again, black tights and black knee boots!!!