Monday, April 28, 2008


Striped blazer, Mossimo. Coral blouse, Worthington. Lace-edged skirt, my USMC Service uniform (altered). Belt with leaf closure, H&M. Fishnet tights, No Boundaries. Patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Cinnabar earrings, Into the Fray.

Today it was raining so I took the pictures in the house. My usual spots in the guest room are inaccessible because we’ve moved all the books in there while we paint our bookcases. The other parts of the house just seemed too dark. I’m unhappy with this photo, but it was the best I could manage. I really have been spoiled by the great outdoor light. I should have just nutted up and took the pictures in the rain, with my umbrella.

The rain also made impossible grilling the steaks we’ve been marinated since Sunday night. Instead, I made hotdogs on the George Forman Grill. I didn’t mind because I LOVE hotdogs. My favorite brand and variety is Hebrew National Reduced Fat Beef Franks. They are the best low fat hotdogs I’ve ever eaten…and I’ve tried nearly every “healthy” frank on the market. Even better, is the brand’s tagline: “We Answer to a Higher Authority.” Mike likes his dogs with spicy mustard, but I’ve recently been experimenting with Indian condiments. Both mint chutney (the East Indian variety) and hot mango pickle are incredible with a beef frank.

Enough with hotdogs and rain and on to Mike’s reaction to this outfit: “Hello, Colonel!” (in response to my belt’s clasp). The golden leaves bear a resemblance to officer insignia, although gold leaves are worn by Majors, not Colonels. I suppose “Hello, Major!” wouldn’t have been as funny. Or maybe he was just leveling me again.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That's my favorite hot dog brand as well. Cute outfit!

Alexandra said... I'm craving hotdogs so badly!

E said...

Totally with you on the Hebrew Nationals. They are a traditional staple for my Tuesday Night BBQs! And I, too, love their tagline--I believe that's what brought me purchasing them in the first place!

Anonymous said...

I love your style. Patent slingbacks and dark stockings are the best. looks sexy

JustKrys said...

Hello my name is Krystal I know this is an older blog but I as wondering if maybe we could E-mail back and forth a little about the Marine Corps. I am currently contemplating joining and would love to have some real and honest opinions. Thank you for your time.