Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reader Challenge

Brown, short-sleeved linen jacket, Forever 21. White lace blouse, Newport News. Lime cami, NY & Co. Brown and white skirt, Andre Oliver (thrifted). Daisy brooch, thrifted.

Today’s outfit was a challenge from reader Erica. She wanted to see me pair lime green and brown. (She didn’t say the shade of brown, but I assumed “chocolate.”) It may be a bit hard to see in the photo, but I’m wearing a lime tank, under the white blouse, to coordinate with the lime shoes.

I paid $2 for this skirt at Valley Thrift last summer. This is the fourth time I’ve worn it. Can’t beat 50 cents per wear! How have you liked it best?

How have you liked the Andre Oliver skirt best?
With true green
With orange
With hot pink
With lime green

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And here is a challenge back at my dear readers: what would you suggest pairing with it next time?


Anonymous said...

I love this combe. I have chocolate brown pants that I love pairing with my lime green blouse and shoes (okay its more of a pitaschio green).

I honestly think a deep bright red would be hard to pair with brown (esp a chocolate shade). But I am sure you could pull it off!

Anonymous said...

For the poll, it was a toss up between pink and green, but I chose pink because it looks more bold and polished (while the green is more "pretty").

I have a pair of green shoes very similar to those that I just LOVE. I have worn them with brown slacks (same chocolate brown) and an aqua/teal blouse (and matching green purse). I got lots of compliments on that outfit.

I'd say you should try the skirt with your yellow pumps. It seems that your previous "looks" with it have been darker, going with more of a focus on the brown, but maybe you could try it with more of the white/cream color on top to brighten it up.

I think that skirt would also probably go well with your pearl necklace with the sort of flowery-looking thing on it. The shape of the pearly thing seems like it would mimic the designs on the skirt.

Good look today, though. Green and brown are some of my favorite colors, and I love being able to pair them without looking too Peter Pan/Robin Hood-ish.


Anonymous said...

Hey kasmira!

It's Shauntelle... just wanted to check and see if you ever received my interview questions? I've been meaning to check since last week, but what can I say, it was a tough week! :) If you didn't receive them, shoot me an e-mail and I'll resend...

- Shauntelle

Kaume'alani said...

Man, I am soo majority rules! Everytime I vote for one of your outfits I pick the option everyone else does. I don't know if that's good or bad.

I would like to see the skirt without a jacket, it looks like a spring/summer piece to me, and the blazers don't seem quite right. Maybe a white cardi instead of the brown?

Anonymous said...

I *love* the lime and brown combo. Merci! --Erica

Anonymous said...

I would suggest pairing it with a shade of blue. I think chocolate brown and robin egg blue is the most sophisticated combo ever! A turquoise blue could be nice as well.

Kara Kane said...

definitely the orange combo - could you make that skirt work with purple?

Unknown said...

It looks gorgeous with lime green, well done you! But in the end my vote went with orange.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was to pair it with yellow & really play up the "daisy" theme. But I love the previous poster's suggestion of pairing it with blue.
For the poll, I voted for the orange. That look popped out at me the most.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I want your hair??!

Anonymous said...

ok, i have to ask, what is laundry day like at your house? you have such cute pieces, how do you care for all of them??? i'm always wary of purchasing the dreaded "dry clean only" labels. washing them is not a super good idea and i'm way too cheap to take stuff to the dry cleaner all the time.

Anonymous said...

oh, the laundry question is a good one. do tell!!!--K

Anonymous said...

I agree with the laundry inquiry!

KT said...

What about a cute jean jacket with a white t shirt and maybe a yellow belt and shoes or red belt and shoes?

Anonymous said...

I'll handle the laundry question:

I find it comical that you assume that Kasmira's clothes could be cared for in a single all-encompassing, laundry "day". Oh no . . . Kasmira's clothes are maintained in a continuous process of cleaning and ironing . . . think the maintenance of the Golden Gate Bridge. As soon as you finish one outfit, there is another to be cared for.
As you may or may not be aware, creating the content for this blog is a time intensive process. Kasmira also works a "regular" job, performs in theatre projects, takes care of her kinds, and finds the occassional moment to hang out with her husband. The burden of clothing care has grown to the point where, a few months ago, I was required to leave my job as an attorney in order to become Kasmira's full-time launderer.
Now, I spend my days cleaning her clothes (we installed dry cleaning equipment in the basement) ironing and, when I'm particuarly lucky, providing input on what outfits she should. In fact, I am picking out her outfits more often than not. Do not be fooled--the high-end fashion donned by Kasmira on a daily basis is the product of her out-of-work husband!!!

KT said...

OK Mike. I love you. And I mean this. I had to provide my husband with a map of our home to get him to located the washer and dryer. I then had to hide a case of beer in the washer to get him to open it. He made the mistake of asking me once if he had any clean socks. I asked him if he recalled taking the last pair out and washing any others that might go back in. I got so mad at him once that I dumped an entire laundry basket of socks on his head. (I can claim pregnancy as temporary insanity and exonerate myself on this one.) I am hoping to have a laundry service one day. Even more than I would like to have a new car. Mike, this special shout out is to you from all Kasmiras fans! You are awesome!

Kasmira said...

Katee - I think I'll leave the red/brown combination alone. It sounds like a scab!

Laundry people - Mike is very silly. Laundry day isn't bad because, quite honestly, if my work clothes aren't smelly or soiled, I don't wash them after each wear. You may all collectively say "Ew," now.