Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Blouse, Merona. Vest, Old Navy. Floral skirt, Herman Geist (thrifted and shortened). Patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Earrings, Xhilaration. Rose wreath brooch, thrifted. Tapestry bag, 100 Yen store.

I really dislike the way this vest wrinkles after a day of sitting. The folds look as if they’ve resulted from being stretched over a too-big tummy, but I promise that isn’t the case. I’m not bursting out; the waistcoat is actually too big. I went back and forth between sizes at Old Navy (driving Mike crazy) and finally decided that it would be better to have a vest I could button, even if it is roomy.

I felt a little nekkid in this outfit with the exposed arms and legs. I think I prefer to wear this skirt with a longer-sleeved top.


Sorry the purse looks so lumpy. It’s a simple bag with very little structure, so the contents make obvious bumps.


Anonymous said...

i saw that vest yesterday at old navy and was in between sizes as well. it either pulled or gapped.

cute overall, not crazy about the purse with the outfit, it sort of cheapens the look a bit. maybe i'm too picky!

keep up the sassy work lady! i (heart) your blog!

April said...

So, I know that you have shown your closet on your blog before, but I am curious about your jewelry box! Seriously, do your accessories have their own closet,lol? I am interested to know how you organize all of them?

bekster said...

I know you say you felt naked in this, but I think it looks very modest (at least in the pictures). However, the vest-blouse combo makes it look a little sexy without being over the top.

As for having to go between sizes of the vest, I have the same problem. I LOVE the look of vests, button-up blouses, cute little denim jackets, etc., but I can never wear them because, apparently, they just don't make them for people with boobs. At least with blouses I can sometimes get away with strategically placing a safety pin (or getting a bigger size and wearing a belt at the waist). I have thought about buying blouses in the larger size and having them altered. Do you have any experience with having things altered? I'd like to try it, but I'm a little scared.


Anonymous said...

You are spot on with this seasons' floral trend. Yesterdays “precious” handbag would have looked super duper with this outfit!


Anonymous said...

I think this outfit would look best with red accessories to make the red flowers stand out in the skirt.
Red shoes, red purse.....I can see it now.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous 1, i'm not crazy about the bag either... it does cheapen the outfit. and as anonymous 2 said, red Would have looked better. but u know, u actually have the confidence to wear anything and make any outfit look cool..so i guess your purse doesnt really matter =) LOVE the earrings. do u have a closeup shot? agree with april, i'de like to see how u store your jewellery! does it hand off the hooks on your door? thats where i remember seeing them the last time. wait, or was that londyn's wardrobe??
and finally, like beckster says, designers should make vest for booby people. i thot buying bras was bad, but finding blouses and vests that dont open up between the buttons is a bigger nightmare. gotta love those tiny safety pins!

ShopDownLite.com said...

It's not my favorite of your outfits to date - kind of frumpy english teacher'ish(although a very pretty english teacher!). It's really just the skirt - the rest sans the bag is cute. Can you thrift that skirt right back to where it came? I have sympathy for your wrinkle fears - drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

I also agree about the bag. Not sure if it cheapens the look exactly. For me, it is the idea of two bold floral patterns clashing or competing for attention with each other. The bag detracts from the outfit versus tying it all together. I agree that red would work well, but also maybe tan shoes and bag to bring out the color of the vest and balance the strong statement that the skirt makes.

I love the top portion of the outfit, though, and think it would look fab on you with jeans and those boots of yours, shirt untucked and some red accessories for a cute,sexy, casual look. Not earth-shatteringly creative, I know, but it would still be FAB on you! :) L