Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sweater, Tricot Jolie. Long-sleeved tee, Forever 21. Scarf, TJ Maxx. Jeans, Dollhouse (overdyed black). Loafers, AE for Payless. Necklace, Pangaea.

I overdyed these jeans with a bottle of Rit black dye in the washing machine. (“Before” picture is above.) As you can see, they did not come out black. That’s probably because the jeans are only 27% cotton. They are 60% ramie (which doesn’t take dye well) and the rest of the fiber content is synthetic. Although the jeans aren’t black, I do like the new color.

I went to see Wyoming Players' production of Home or Future Soap. It was awesome. But I’m a sucker for sci fi. Especially trippy 60’s sci fi!

This outfit is a little more subdued than I usually wear to see my theater buddies. So, I jazzed it up a little with TATTOO SOCKS.

These are the same brand as Friday’s tights, but I don’t know the name!


Anonymous said...

The jeans do look great dark ... but what a bummer that they didn't turn out as planned.

Mervat said...

Love those socks! The style of your sleeveless cardigan is in our stores here, but I was unsure how it would look (I thought it would be too long). But, you have inspired me to buy one as it looks balanced with the scarf. Good job!

Londyn said...

I think they look really good even though they didn't come out as you planned.

Look how skinny you are! Those pants were fitted before and now they're baggy on you! Can you give me your secrets....?

Kasmira said...

Londyn - I think I'm at the same weight in both pics. Maybe the jeans look wrinklier in this light.

Londyn said...

LOL - your funny. Well, either way, you look great in both :)