Monday, March 01, 2010

February Purchases

This is my second month of sharing my progress sticking to a $100/month clothing budget. It's going about as well as my diet.

I had black lace tights on my wishlist since the Rodarte for Target collection came out. I checked a few different stores before finding my own (non-designer) pair. Sears came through with its Apostrophe line.

1. Black lace tights (2 pair), $5.99 x 2 = $11.98
2. Gray lace tights, $5.99
3. Legwarmers, $6.99 (not pictured)

Then, I hit TJ Maxx one evening when I had some time to kill before taking the bus to rehearsal. I found way too many things that I liked!

4. Sheer, printed tank, $19.99
5. Cardigan, $14.99
6. Ruffled tank, $11
7. Striped tank with embellished neckline, $9.99

I went to WalMart looking for a new black turtleneck. I walked out with a chambray dress, which I haven’t worn yet.

8. Chambray dress, $14.

At this point, I was nearly to my limit with $98.92 in purchases. However, I needed underclothing items for Comic Potential.

9. Nude tights (Danskin) (2 pair), $9.95 x 2 = $19.90
10. Ruffled underpants (Fredericks of Hollywood), $18.00

(If you want to see these items, come to the show. Yes, even the underpants.)

I can excuse the purchases for the play, but I still wasn’t done spending. I wore my peggings last Saturday and nearly had a wardrobe malfunction. I’m not sure why, but they don’t stay up anymore. They seemed ok when I put them on and left the house for the day, but a few hours into my busy Saturday, I had to hold them up as I walked or risk mooning everyone on Harrison Avenue. I still had hours to go before returning home, so I bought an emergency belt at Body Central. I plan to wear it as a necklace, later.

11. Chain belt, $9.80

While I can also excuse a fashion emergency purchase, the remaining items are more difficult to justify...

I had to go to the post office to mail a swap and thought I’d swing through Macy’s on my way out and look for the “ruffled, leopard-print, sheer blouse” on my wishlist. I walked out carrying a leopard-print cardigan with a jeweled neckline.

12. Leopard cardigan (INC), $19.75 (but originally $79!)

We can excuse a super bargain, right? What about blog-inspired sweater lust? Golden Means blogged about the Limited’s Frog Closure Cardigan, which bears a startling resemblance to a sweater worn by Emma Pillsbury on Glee. I resisted immediately ordering it from the Limited’s website; I thought I’d wait until March and my next $100. However, an opportunity to visit an actual Limited store arose on February 26…and I saved shipping by purchasing it in the store.

13. Frog-closure cardigan, $59.50.

Oh, boy. The total for Feb is $221.88.

I’ve compared my $100/month clothing budget as a “diet.” When you’re dieting, and you have a bad day and eat everything in sight, you musn't starve yourself the next day to make amends*. Likewise, I’m forgiving my February transgressions and starting fresh in March with my usual monthly budget. However, I will be staying far far away from Target and its scheduled releases (JPG and Liberty of London). Instead, I’m saving my $100 (and probably a bit more) for a pair of cowboy boots.

*The feast and famine cycle will only make it harder to lose the weight.


Alison said...

Aw, keep trying! Sounds like some great purchases though. Good luck with finding some totally awesome cowboy boots. They will be a great purchase for you. You'll get a ton of wear from those.

andrea said...

Gosh I love those shoes...*sigh*

DaShannon said...

My husband gives me a hard time when I talk like this b/c he calls this "rationalizing" my purchases. I "saved" money, "discovered" a one of a kind, and that's not even saying the word "needed" so hey I say "uh huh i so understand and you are forgiven your overspending transgressions and shall start again... tomorrow..."

Marie said...

I admire your dieting at all.. I've already binged for March~
Those grey tights are so lovely and different, tres spend worthy
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Sarah said...

You are so funny!! I also have a $100 spending limit each month for clothing (but I think I did a little better than you did)- check out what I bought here:

I agree that you should forgive and start fresh in March! Good luck this month!

ReaderRita said...

For your cowboy boot pleasure, check out Shepler's
( they have loads of stuff, generally at pretty good prices. Check out the "Old West" boots. not bad for the price. I couldn't find a pair that fit, but they look great. (no, I don't work for Shepler's-I just have a serious cowboy boot jones goin' on.)

Rosie Unknown said...

Mega cute purchases!

I am a total binge spender. I hadn't bought a thing in months, then on Saturday I spent almost 200$ in the space of a few hours. (Granted, I bought a new phone which was half the money, but it still isn't justifiable.)

Do you have any thoughts on how to avoid this type of spending?

Sheila said...

Well, good for you for 'fessing up, at least! :)

I spent my $200 per paycheque allowance way too fast this month...and since I am going to London and Paris in May, I'm going to put myself on a spending freeze until then. *sigh* I'll make up for it, I'm sure...but arg...why is it so fun to buy new things??

Sophie said...

hey i am new to ur blog
but im loving it! i like those lace tights

please check my blog out too


Keely said...

Oh. I don't know how you do it. I am ashamed (almost) at the money I have spent on clothes in the last 2 weeks! Let alone the last month. Good thing I'm employed.

C said...

speaking as an outsider, I think you either need a $200 per mo. allowance, OR you need to tell yourself you only have $50, so that when you spend over twice as much, you will be closer to the $100.

anythingreen said...

i've only given myself $50 a month... i totally understand!

and btw, i think we have the same chambray dress from walmart! i wore it once with cognac riding boots and once with my brand new oxford shoes ($17 at ross, yo!).

Viv said...

Thanks for sharing! We can all relate to the story. I have been on a similar plan and it is a challenge everyday. Now that I've read today's entry, I will be dreaming about that frog cardigan, sigh...

Londyn said...

I think I may need to purchase those tights...... they are calling my name... Do you care if we match?!?!? :)

kct said...

Just wanted to say that I would LOVE to see you wearing your beautiful Black lace tights with one of your pretty skirts.