Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative Juices

I bought this dress for $1.30 in January. I thought it would be perfect for the warmer months. I imagined it would be in constant rotation because of the easily mixable print, flattering cut, and lightweight fabric. Instead, it’s only made two appearances. I’ve planned each week’s wear, looked at it hanging in the closet, and dismissed it as boring, unable to think of a single interesting way to style it.

I took my best shot at non-boring styling today and, whaddyaknow, new outfit ideas popped into my head all day. Sometimes, I just have to spend some quality time in a garment to get an idea of its true potential.

Cardigan, Rodarte for Target. Dress, Allison Taylor (thrifted). Belt, Banana Republic. Shoes, Nine West. Bag, H&M. Earrings and owl ring, vintage. Coral and turquoise ring, Sunglasses, Girl Props.

Jumping is also good for stimulating the creative juices. (Especially in too big shoes and oppressive humidity.)

This is how I’ve styled the dress in April and July:

What future outfits do you suggest?


Sheila said...

That dress has a great pattern. You know I would love it with red!

I think I enabled my blog for mobile - let me know if it didn't work. :) Thanks for the tip!

Rose said...

I can see it with red or bright green accessories. It's very cute!

But I have to say--LOVE THOSE SHOES! So fun!!

Unknown said...

Love it!
it's funny how the juices flow!
I'll go for weeks kinda dry, then pow, tons of ideas......
The moon maybe?
And, i will try to embrace my boobies, though i'm not sure my arms are long enough!
( i know i'm so hung up on them lately !!!)
Oh for a small B cup........

And your hair is getting so long!
Lovin the bangs :)

Anonymous said...

New to your blog & love it! I'm a teacher (also in Cincy) and we can wear jeans on Friday as long as we wear our school T shirt (not very cute). Any ideas or suggestions of how to cute-it-up? Layering is hard b/c my room is so hot... 
Look forward to more fun from your blog!

Kerry said...

How about peacock accessories and/or those vibrant blue booties!

Kasmira said...

Sherry - welcome to the blog! I'll think on your question. Can you make alterations to the tshirt?

Anonymous said...

I think if it's not too complicated I could alter the T (not known for my sewing abilities ;)
Thanks for giving it some thought!

The Tote Trove said...

Love, love, love those shoes.

River said...

No buttons on the dress? I'm thinking of ideas.

Kasmira said...

No just pulls on.