Friday, August 19, 2011

Street Smarts

I’m feeling smart, today. I wore all cotton to beat the heat and a hat to keep the sun off my face. I even looked both ways before I crossed the street.

Shirt, Converse One Star (thrifted). Skirt, Andre Oliver (thrifted). Hat, Betmar. Bag, Mossimo. Shoes, J Crew. Necklace, Zad. Bracelets, vintage, swapped, Fort, and Garden of the Gods gift shop. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Kujaku said...

That necklace is amazing! I'm grateful to the pointer to the Zad site, because I've been trying to increase my collection of funky jewelry.

I also still love that hat every time you wear it.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Great summer outfit and fantastic hat!

bonincontrus said...

I am loving the hat! And your hair is getting so long, it really flatters.

Unknown said...

You tease me with that wonderful necklace and red fedora!
Looking so good,chicka!
I always need to pop in for color combo inspiration ;)
You the master!

River said...

Cool skirt.

...bill said...

not much need to look both ways there, but it's great that you go there to take photos!!

Anonymous said...

For your Q & A section: In this post, and recently (silk/silk worms) you've mentioned the fibre of what you're wearing ; does the fabric matter to you? Do you have a preference for natural fibres, such as wool or cotton, or are you drawn to the shape/drape/pattern of a garment, regardless if it's made of all polyester?
Love your blog, and find it a great of source of inspiration.

Kasmira said...

Anon - thanks for your question. I'll address it in an upcoming Mail Bag.