Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Purchases

August was an epic shopping month. Five (5!) pairs of shoes (and assorted other items) put me way, way over my $100/month budget.

(Maybe I should just start calling it a “guideline” instead of a “budget.” You know, like the way the posted speed on exit ramps is just the “suggested speed,” not the “speed limit.” At least, that’s what Beefy tells me.)

J Crew

1. Collins suede platform peep toes in mossy oak, $79.99

I saw these on the feet of Katherine (Get Dressed) and totally bit her style. I kind of died at the price...especially considering these were half off! They are very comfortable and I love the color, but I never would have paid full price for these.

TJ Maxx

2. Olive suede Libby Edelman peep-toes, $39.99. A girl can never have too many pairs of brownish-green shoes.

3. Peach leather BCBGeneration ballet flats, $29.99. These replaced my old commuting flats. (I’ve actually worn holes through the heels of my (Nine West slippers over the past couple of years.)


4. Richard Chai for Target racerback dress in navy, $34.99

I borrowed my friend Colette’s edition of this dress and was loathe to return it. Instead, I found it NWT on eBay and gave her that one instead (saving me from having to dry clean the one I’d been wearing). I didn’t plan on this purchase in August, but when reader notified me that it was available, I had to pounce!

5. Southwestern turquoise and coral ring, $36.

I have this vision of myself wearing a silver and turquoise (and/or coral) ring on every finger and similar cuffs stacked up my wrists, like some sort of over-accessorized, southwestern hippie. I’m slowly accumulating the pieces needed. Once I’ve completed my collection (and conquered my aversion to wearing that many rings at once), I guess I’ll move to the desert and live in an old VW bus.

St. Vincent de Paul

After spending all that money, I still had the shopping bug. I knew better than to go to Target. Instead, I got my rocks off for $6.99 at the thrift store.

6. Cognac, faux-lizard pumps, $2
7. Purple-blue pencil skirt, $0.50
8. Kimono-esque jacket, $4.49


9. Lela Rose for Payless Isidro Ankle Strap Wedge in green, $25.60

I'm sometimes asked if photographing and publishing my daily outfits prompts me to shop. Honestly, it doesn’t. Instead, I’m inspired to remix the things I already own to create fresh combinations. I’m tempted to shop when I look at other people’s blogs. Seeing an item (especially shoes) styled by a “real” person is so inspiring that I often want to own it. And now I own the shoes worn on Court + Hudson.

I also bought a new winter coat in August, but Beefy told me I don’t have to count that in my budget. It’s utilitarian, like running sneakers, underpants, and pajamas. (Doesn’t Beefy have the best rules?)

August total: $253.55

Total spending for the year: $1082.96


LyddieGal said...

I am super jealous of all your shoe purchases... god, those mustard heels are beautiful.

Chic on the Cheap

Keely said...

All such gorgeous shoes! Totally worth going over budget!:)

Anonymous said...

New to your Blog, and LOVING IT! You're awesome!! You've got great style!!!

And I agree, Beefy has the BEST rules!!!

Thanks for sharing all this great stuff with us!!!


Megan G said...

Lots of shoe acquisitions! My favorite kinds. I love both your rings - you must me tell more about where the chain ring/bracelet came from.

Sarah said...

I am so jealous of you for having such an amazing thrift store! I've yet to find one that both has good finds every once in a while and has good prices.
Adorable purchases; if I wasn't so sure that I'd get way more than I went in for, I'd be heading off to Target now to get some of those things. :P

I Art Fashion said...

Those green shoes from payless are awesome!

Kasmira said...

Megan Mae - I bought the slave bracelet at an antique mall, but it is from the 1980's. It is made by G&S. That company makes biker jewelry. You can find G&S jewelry online and at biker shops. (I bought a G&S ring at a biker booth at a street fair.)

River said... do you ever purge your closet(s)?

Kasmira said...

River - I purge all the time! I swap, donate, or trash things that no longer fit my style (or size) or are just worn out.

I tend to totally wear out my shoes. Cincinnati's downtown is hard on heels.

The Tote Trove said...

I love those Payless wedges! I love to shop too and am in the most danger when I see what's in the stores because I start thinking, oh, I have a top to go with that, or, hey, I have a coupon for that! But if I'm crafting in near-seclusion for long periods of time and don't get out, then I don't crave stuff. Still, the bug always manages to resurface. I think that's one the earmarks of an addict . . . Anyway, it's fun to read about someone who loves clothes, shoes, accessories, and bargain hunting as much as I do! Congrats on some truly great finds :)

Rebecca said...

I just discovered your blog and I have to say that I am totally loving it. Fashion and thrifting are favorite hobbies of mine and I think your sense of style is awesome!

Londyn said...

What an amazing shoe month!!! They are all fantastic and I think I may just have to search for those green wedges if they're still in stores!