Sunday, November 13, 2011

All My Pretty Owls

Hidden Owl “Week” has concluded. I wore many of my owl pieces, but if you’ve been keeping track over the years, you might have noticed a few were missing.

I don’t have these owls any more:

1. I donated the first bag to the thrift store because the size and style were impractical. 2. The owl appliqué fell off my purple purse and was lost. 3. I did such a terrible job hemming that skirt that I trashed it after a couple of wearings. 4. I sent the owl badge to a reader in Holland in exchange for Dutch snacks. Totally worth it.

These two are pending repair:

1. One of the pendant’s eyes keeps falling out. 2. The owl face fell off the ring band.

And these guys just didn’t make the cut:

What was your favorite outfit from Hidden Owl Week?

My favorite Hidden Owl outfit was...
Hidden Owl
Nest of Pearls
Keen as Mustard
Owl Interrupted
Break A Leg Charm free polls 


Vanessa said...

Yay polls! I love when you do that! My favorite was "Break a leg" (the last one!) Such a great mix of classic pieces and whimsical statement-making items!

Megan G said...

I liked the 4th outfit. Hope you're feeling better.

The Tote Trove said...

Very fun! I really like that owl print bangle that didn't make the cut. And my favorite outfit was "keen as mustard." I was really surprised to see that it got the least amount of votes. Although to be fair, I almost went for "nest of pearls."

Clothes Karma said...

Ditto what Vanessa said. Break a Leg is my favorite because the tweedy jacket paired with the polka dots is just genius. I also might be biased because you are jumping and smiling in that pic! I cannot believe you own so many owl accouterments. You've curated quite the impressive collection.

EvaNadine said...

so sad to hear you got rid of that amazing purse with the wooden handle! ive always been enamored with it and would have GLADLY taken it off your hands for you!

any week focusing on owls is a good week. :)

Lorena said...

My fave was nest of pearls.
I cannot imagine why the owl bracelet did not make the cut....

Kasmira said...

Lorena - so many owls, so little time! Honestly, I forget how many owl accessories I have or that some even exist!

byhillary said...

you were wearing about 4 owls when we met. I didn't catch on right away but Dave did. I spent the rest of the night playing wheres waldo with the owls. I am a big fan of a theme! big fan.