Saturday, November 12, 2011

Owl Interrupted

I apologize for the interruption in Hidden Owl Week. A nasty cold happened and I’ve been stuck in pajamas (sans owls) for a few days. I’ll make it up to you this weekend.

Cardigan, Love By Design. Tunic, Urban Behavior (swap). Leggings, Allen B. Boots, Blowfish. Scarf, Camp Foster PX “mall” (embellished by me). Earrings, self-made.


Unknown said...

So sorry you've been sick!
Ya gotta go with me to Gabriel Brothers soon! I walked out with 2 giant bags for under 85 bucks!
That included 3 pair of great shoes!
It's on Harrison ave where the old K-mart used to be.
lots o designers, last seasons and a few holes now and then, but the prices are addicitive!

Kari Margot said...

I love these hidden owls -- very classy! And fun... :)

Rose said...

This is a very fun look!

Glad you're feeling better. Being sick definitely sucks...except for the lying-about-in-pajamas part. :-)

Sarah said...

super cute outfit! It looks very comfortable :)

C Lo said...

love this outfit and I love the new setting! is this outside your place??

hope you're feeling better!

Kasmira said...

C Lo - these pictures were taken on the deck, behind my house. Beefy cleaned it up so I can take pics there, again.