Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Purchases

Since I entered the 11th month of the year already $200 over my yearly budget, I didn’t spend much in November.

Tristate Antique Market

I actually visited the market at the end of October, but this purchase didn’t make it into my October Purchases post.

1. Vintage brooch, $3.00

St Vincent de Paul

My friend, Colette, and I shot a thrifting video during our visit to St Vincent de Paul. Of course, the editing takes 10 times as long as the shooting. I hope to have it ready for viewing by the end of December!

2. Brannan Studio San Francisco sheer black dress, $4.49 (Only worn as a blouse, so far.)
3. Adolph Schuman for Lilli Ann pink wool pencil skirt, $4.49

TJ Maxx
I received a $25 gift card as a work incentive. I couldn’t wait to take myself to TJ Maxx and spend it on skinny bottoms.

4. Rocks & Indigo skinny pants, $19.99
5. Red jeans, $19.99 (worn once, but not yet photographed)

$19.99 x 2 - $25 = $14.98 spent at TJ Maxx.


6. Fossil Vintage Reissue Satchel in Cheetah, gift!

I’ve been eyeballing this Fossil bag since it showed up in stores at the end of September. It was priced at $208, though. The most I’ve ever paid for a purse is around $80. Coincidentally, that $80 Franco Sarto purse was exactly the bag I intended to replace with the Fossil. I’ve carried the Franco Sarto purse on nearly every business trip and to nearly every work training since its purchase. I’ve marked up the patent and completely shredded the lining with use. I knew the Fossil bag would get plenty of wear as the replacement, but I couldn’t justify spending two bills on a bag. So, I asked for Macy’s gift cards for my birthday.

I received my final gift card on Thanksgiving, and headed to Macy’s on the next Monday. I got the last cheetah version in the store. And, I got the Friends and Family discount. So, even with tax, that beauty rang up at just under $100. My gift cards totally covered the purchase and even left me with some extra to spend next month!

I have a feeling I’m going to love this bag.

The old Franco Sarto bag and my new Fossil.

November total: $26.96

Total spending for the year: $1428.42

I have only December left. I think I’ll easily come in under $1500 for the year!


Lorena said...

That Fossil bag is gorgeous as is that first vintage pendant - fit for queen :)
I have yet to add how much I have spent this year on clothes+accessories, when I do I'll set a budget for next year. I look forward to seeing how THAT works-

Unknown said...

Okay, two things. 1. I LOVE that pink wool skirt! 2. I LOVE your face in the pic with the two bags! So cute!

Pixel said...

WOW! Miss Frugal this month! I'm very impressed by your November total! Love love love the bag! It just looks very Kasmira.

The Tote Trove said...

I thought I was a bargain hunter, but you are something else! Congrats on snagging that fab Fossil bag :)