Sunday, March 25, 2012


The first thing you notice about this outfit is the SOCKS, right?

I kind of love funky, knee-high socks.

Jacket, London Jean. Dress, No Boundaries. Belt, thrifted. Socks, Reebok. Boots, Dan Post. Earrings, Walgreen’s. Bag, Mondani.

Photos by Colette Thomas


Rose said...

Kasmira, I am totally in love with those earrings!!!

Kelly said...

I don't comment often but had to say....that big, genuine smile is one of my favorite pics of you. It's great to see someone genuinely happy!! Love the socks too, of course!

Anonymous said...

You look stunning as always!! Love the pops of bright color and you are rocking the socks and bootS!!

Kezzie said...

It's a lovely outfit! I really like the socks too! I've taken to knee high socks loads in the past year or so! Can't believe there was a time when I hated them!

Lorena said...

Yep ! socks is the first thing I see.
I love all the colors and your sincere smile.

Knee High Socks said...

You really do look happy. Cute socks too :)