Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Five years and almost five months ago, I took my first self-portrait with a remote control. Many batteries and one device later (I lost that first one just a few months ago!), I’m still loving the freedom the remote (and tripod) give me to photograph my daily outfits.

Jacket, thrifted. Dress, Merona. Shoes, Oh Deer! Earrings, Claire’s. Necklace, Target. Bag, Caprice (thrifted and vintage).

Self-photography via remote takes a little practice and constant trial and error. Framing, posing, and exposure must all be corrected after taking a photo or two for reference. And sometimes, the remote itself is visible in the image:

Still, I love that little device!

My first remote control picture, in February 2008.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the dramatic change in your style over the years! What a sweet photo of your first remote control pic! How did I miss your recent hair color change??! It's lovely.
sp :)

Kasmira said...

The lighting in my photos can be deceptive when it comes to hair color. I went darker and cooler last Friday. I'm still getting used to it!

Londyn said...

I still struggle with self pictures!! Only 10 seconds to run to a spot and pose...UGH! :)

You're looking lovely as usual in your fun prints and colors!

annabananna said...

That necklace is gorgeous, and goes so well with the jacket. Camera remote controls are brilliant - no way am I asking anyone to take an outfit photo for me!

MoonlitCherri said...

love the shoes

Sheila said...

Your style has changed so much over the years!

I'm still doing my 10-second timer on my camera. Just can't be bothered to get more complicated. Blogging already takes so much time!

LOVE that jacket - it is just spectacular.