Thursday, June 20, 2013

Under Over Inside Out

Last time I paired this dress and blouse, I wore the blouse under the dress. Today I got crazy and wore the blouse over the dress. Earth-shattering, huh?

Shirt, FY2 (thrifted). Dress, Jones New York. Shoes, Franco Sarto. Earrings, Jack E Ohs NYC. Cuff, vintage gift. Bag, Go Jane.

So, is it better under or over?

The shirt is better... free polls 


...bill said...

Oveur, Unger.

DressUpNotDown said...

The voting doesn't have BOTH. :o)

Kasmira said...

You must choose!

DressUpNotDown said...

Well I finally settled on over. :o) As of this point, the poll shows the majority is going that way.

annabananna said...

Those earrings are beautiful.
I don't think there is a 'better' way to wear the shirt - over is more casual and fun, under more formal and work-appropriate. Both good!