Thursday, June 06, 2013

Can't Take Me Anywhere

This dress is made from some horrible form of polyester that shows everything I spill on it. After I use the restroom, it’s flecked with water from the sink. (The water spots do disappear after they dry.) After a meal, it’s dotted with oil spots from whatever I’ve dropped in my lap. (Those do not fade.) After sprinkling myself with dressing at lunch, and then attempting to remove the stains with hand soap, water, and paper towels, my skirt was a total mess and I changed.

But for the first four hours of the day, I looked like this:

Dress, Bar III. Belt, Sugadaminka. Shoes, Carlos Santana. Earrings, Target. Jacket, Esley. Bag, Melie Bianco.


Melissa said...

I love that dress!

Anonymous said...

Dish soap and clarifying shampoo remove oily stains on washable fabrics. Pre-treat stains and wash as usual.
I have scored many wonderful clothing items at thrift shops with oil stains that are easily remedied.
Other great stain removers include washing soda, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar.
Just google for solutions.
My pet peeve in washrooms are those self-flushing toilets that are a little too quick to respond and I end up splashed on the backside.
HUGE YUCK that can spoil your day.
Enjoying your style. Thanks for sharing.

Londyn said...

Stealing dress & bag..! Just saying.

Cindy said...

I don't think I've seen the orange top part of that dress before. It adds so much to the look. I love it with the fuchsia belt and shoes!