Thursday, June 27, 2013


Despite being a rooftop, this is not a private location. Office buildings, condos, and hotels tower nearby. If anyone was watching, though, I was thankfully ignorant. The windows are too reflective to see inside and don’t open to allow catcalls.

Blouse, Romeo + Juliet Couture. Skirt, Max Studio. Pumps, Lela Rose for Payless. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, Epcot Mexico. Bag, Vieta. Bracelets, Ed Hardy and thrifted.


Megan G said...

You're magical, Kasmira. <3

...bill said...

too fun.

(so what do you use for sunscreen? i carry a Neutrogena Sunblock Stick with me because it's mess-free. It's good for the face, but getting arms and neck covered is almost impossible.)

Kasmira said...

...bill - I rely on my makeup to protect my face. For everywhere else, I like the clear, "sport" spray sunblock. The kind in an aerosol can. I can get those hard to reach places with that.

...bill said...

cool. thx. i'll look for something like that.
can you take it on planes? do they sell non-aerosol versions?
(i'm rocking a mean farmer's tan after a week in miami...)

Kasmira said...

If you are doing carry on, I recommend just buying it after you get to your destination. It can certainly go in checked baggage. Non aerosol isn't nearly as good!

Unknown said...

The shirt and skirt together are awesome!