Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Purchases

“Could be worse!” is one of my life mottos. When things look glum, I try to imagine how much worse it could be. So, when it comes to my adherence to the budget for June (and the year so far), I can only say “could be worse!” (And imagine the dozen or so things I didn’t buy!)


1. Talbot’s leopard silk dress, $12.*

I went through the racks at Boheme by touch. When my fingers ran across this silk dress, I pulled it off the rack and hoped it would fit! It does (but just barely).


2. Carlos Santana shoes, $48.96

I don’t have a great close-up of the shoes, but the fabric is woven with an ethnic pattern in turquoise and orange on the hot pink background.

My Sister’s Closet

3. Express plaid shirt, $4.50
4. Jack E Ohs NYC earrings, $10
5. Vintage floral dress, $14

I can’t stay away from this shop. Every time I’m in Woodland, I have to stop and scout the deals.


Below are the products of my emergency trip to Marshall’s to replace the silk pants I ripped while in Vacaville. I couldn’t decide between the crops and the skirt, so I got them both.

6. Kenar cropped pants, $19.99
7. Max Studio striped skirt, $19.99

Heart Boutique (via Byuti Salon)

8. Neon pink rhinestone necklace, $29.99*

I continue my obsession with neon.

Cuffs (via Deeda Salon)

9. Audrey teal crochet shorts, $42

These are possibly the most useless wardrobe item I’ve every purchased. Too fancy for doggie adventures. Too scandalous for work (even though I DID wear them to work on a Saturday). But I love the color, texture, and shape. I’ll have to persuade Beefy to take me on a date so I have an occasion on which to wear them.

June total: $210.43

Total spending for the year: $1020.74

Remaining 2013 budget: $418.26.

*I couldn’t find all my receipts, so I’m doing my best to remember some prices.


Cindy said...

I have been reading your blog forever and remember how shocked I was the first time I saw pattern-mixing. Now I love it and consider you the Queen of PM! I can't find the post though - do you know where the link is?

Lorena said...

I should adhere to the same motto, because I too have been a bit over the top with shopping.
On the bright side i did not buy anything in June !

Kasmira said...


Here are some of my earlier pattern mixes (quite tame!)

And most of my pattern mixes are tagged: