Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Purchases


Beefy and I have an ongoing argument over our sunglass purchasing habits. I prefer quantity over quality. My philosophy isn’t just based on my desire to create different looks with my eyewear. It’s also due to the heavy use my shades get. They are on and off my face and stuffed into a purse, perched on my head or hung from my collar a dozen times each day. I don’t have the time or the discipline to carefully fold them into a protective case each time I remove them from my head. So, I spend less than $20 a pop and go through 6 - 8 pairs each year. Beefy buys the namebrand, polarized, fancy sunglasses, babies them (i.e. makes me put them in my purse), and gets a good year of use.

1. Designer Inspired Pentagon Shaped Sunglasses with Geometric Print in Multi, $3.99.
2. Meow! Devilishly Cute Horned Cat Eye Sunglasses. Black Outside, Neon Lining! in Purple with Black finish, $3.00.
3. 1 5/8" Long Vintage Egyptian Cat on Pearl Earrings, Jonette Jewelry in Gold with Gold finish, $8.99. I added these to my cart to qualify for free shipping. That lure works every time.

(The ridiculous item descriptions are straight off the Girlprops website.


4. White with black polkadot sunglasses, $12.99


5. Enzo Angiolini nude pumps, $37.28. Shoes like these are always a classic!


6. Peter Som for Kohl’s shirtdress, $55.50. In two months, when I’m working in triple digit temps, will I regret buying a polyester dress (no matter how cute)?
7. Mudd festival shorts, $20.99. Beefy hates the shorts’ doily detail, but I think that’s the best part!
8. SO neon hoodie (although it doesn’t look neon in this picture), $17.99.

April total: $160.73

Total spending for the year: $595.42

Remaining 2014 budget: $1204.58.


Lorena said...

I adore sunglasses and wear them daily.
I have some that have cost a lot and others I have paid 4 bucks for.
My favourite place for finding less expensive ones is TJ Maxx or Marshalls - I try to take good care of them and in my lifetime I've only lost two: one expensive pair at the beach and a cheap one at a hotel.

Beefy Muchacho said...

Just so everyone has the full story...

1) I get more like 2-3 years of daily use out of them. My eyes are sensitive and I need them in this Sun-scape that is Sacramento.

2) I am the opposite of Kasmira when it comes to fashion. I basically wear polo shirts and jeans or shorts every day. The only things I spend any kind of money on, wardrobe-wise, are shoes, watches, and sunglasses.

3) I have no use for 8 different pairs, but rather one very durable pair that also happens to fit my giant melon in some sort of reasonable way.

Unknown said...

Hahaha, too cute, arguing on your blog!!!! I see points for both sides. I am a one pair of sunglasses gal, (Oakleys), but I am starting to see the error of my ways..... Kasmira, what a beautiful name, you are an inspiration! Loving your style and purchases. I need to get more girlie. I constantly wear jeans and stripey t shirts! (This does work with the Oakleys though....;)) XXxX

archifreelance said...

I am glad you say that Beefy. I was thinking 'one year'? I buy cheap sunglasses one pair at a time and expect them to last for ever. I have upgraded a bit - in the past I always used to wear them with one arm attached with a safety pin. Now if the arm falls off I do replace.
Mind you, I hate wearing them and have to remember/ remind myself that it is good for my eyes. Otherwise I prefer to squint.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I'm with Beefy on this one, due to similar issues. I wear them always in the car - even in cloudy weather, the light is too much for my eyes while driving. And I've obviously got an odd shaped head, as I have such a hard time finding ones that fit - usually the more expensive ones with the springy frames.


Londyn said...

Great purchases - my fave are those fabulous nude cut out pumps!