Saturday, November 19, 2016

Come Thrifting With Me: 55th Street Ecothrift

To truly experience thrift bliss, one mustn’t go into the store with a specific desire. Instead, approach the rails with a receptive mind, idly slide hangers, appreciate the weird, seize the serendipitous. It’s meditative.

Want to see what I found while om-ing?

Scarves and Belts
Upon entering Ecothrift, the scarves are immediately on the right (just past the dressing rooms and restroom) and the belts are around the corner. I thought I was going to find a scarf, but, instead, ended up with a belt that caught my eye when I parked my cart. I wasn’t expecting a trucker themed leather belt, but it was expecting me.

Some stores tuck the vests in with the jackets or the sleeveless tops, but Ecothrift has an entire vest section! I found two down-filled vests. The first was a reversible Nike vest. The second was a vintage Levi’s ski vest. As tempted as I was by the Levi’s vest, I left it behind. It looked worn and the Nike vest was brand new. I also preferred the dark color since I plan to wear the vest on muddy dog walks. The Levi’s vest will find it’s proper home with someone hipper and cleaner than I.

There is no shoe section at Ecothrift. Instead, all the shoes are lined up on shelves above the rails. This makes for a rather frustrating shopping experience. The boots were easy to find, though. I found a beautiful pair - in a size 6. Sad face. But I can’t imagine they’ll be hanging there for long!

Ponchos, Shawls, Wraps
It’s not labelled, but at the tail end of the coat section, all the drapey outerwear is together: ponchos, shawls, wraps, etc. I was actually wearing a poncho I thrifted at this very store! Otherwise, I might have taken the gray, high-necked poncho home with me. I was tempted by the fur stole, if only to give it some love. And the pink and red wrap reminded me of a similar, all-pink one I owned as a girl. I did not have the desire to repeat the experience.

I’m pretty sure this section used to be labelled “Vintage.” Perhaps it would be better described as “Weird Shit No One But Hippies Will Buy.” Of course, I loved digging through this section and noting the weirder pieces.

The suede jacket with the faux fur collar reminded me of Sheila of Ephemera, so, I put it into my basket to try on. Although I admired the white sweater dress, and had fun imagining the 1980’s winter bride who might have worn it, I put it back. And I just laughed at the Halloween vest. (That was very mean of me.)

All the nicest stuff is on a rack in the front of the store: new-with-tags, designer goods, trendy pieces. It’s also the most expensive section. I found $99 True Religion jeans (worn) and Pour la Victoire boots (unworn but also unpriced). I’m not impressed by brand names, but I usually at least paw through this section. I did find a top to try on.

Dressing Room
Here we go!

Nike vest ($6.98) is a winner! I’m undecided on the vintage suede jacket ($9.98)

I think I’m willing to pay $14.96 for this NWT Sun & Shadow vest/shirt from the premium section.

I LOVE this button-back Gibson sweater for $2.98!!!!!!

My shorts MO (whether in a thrift or regular store) is to ignore the tags and just give the shorts a visual inspection before trying on. The sizing on shorts is so wonky and I like them big. In fact, at Forever 21, I just dig to the bottom of the pile and grab the largest pairs to try on. My shorts are preferably slouchy and always with a wide leg opening. There’s nothing worse than sitting down and having the hem bisect your upper thigh. With these sizing issues in mind, I tried on 6 pairs of cutoff denim shorts but only 2 made the cut for pictures and, eventually, purchase.

The Free People distressed shorts were only $3.74 after discount. The 7 For All Mankind shorts were $4.99 after discount. Score!

I bought everything pictured in the dressing room and the trucker belt. My total: $49.27.

I love the zen of thrifting. I initially entered Ecothrift with the plan to find a rust colored, corduroy miniskirt and was disappointed. I was too focused on a goal. Eventually, I let go of my wants, entered the thrift zone, and found so many other treasures I wasn’t expecting.

Check back tomorrow to see me wearing some of my new items!


Lorena said...

I've had that moment where I see a garment and think how it fits a blogger's particular style :)
Great choices - I loved the sweater with the buttons in the back.

Kasmira said...

Lorena - I always get lucky at this thrift store. It isn't the cheapest, but it has a good selection of basics, on-trend pieces, and vintage.