Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Gone Thiftin'

I went thrifting today and documented the whole trip (including try-ons) on Snapchat. It was like thrifting with a virtual friend! (And Beefy said I finally did Snapchat right.) The snaps don’t hang around long, but, never fear, I plan to recap the experience and wear my new finds in a Let’s Go Thrifting post next week. I’m whatiwore2day if you’d like to be Snapchat friends. (As of this publication date/time, a few snaps from my birthday photo shoot are still up.)

Jacket,H&M (thrifted). Tee, Disney. Skirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted). Boots, Joe’s. Earrings, flea market. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I received many compliments on my booties and hair at the Goodwill. I dyed it blue this morning with a temporary color. Now that I now longer work for Wella, I can tell you that I do not follow the directions and leave the Color Touch iNSTAMAT!C in Ocean Storm on for a full hour, instead of the directed 20 minutes. It really sticks to the bleached ends and my natural whites. It will quickly fade to a soft silver, even without using shampoo. Just rinsing and conditioning fade the color noticeably, so it’s a great option for someone who’d like to have blue or pink hair for just a long weekend or vacation.


STAshworth said...

I love your blue hair! I am so jealous. My hair refuses to produce natural whites. This is exactly why I need them!

Kasmira said...

STAshworth - I suppose you could always get it lightened and then do the blue. Even some highlights will give it something to show up on. Oh, and have you tried hair chalk? Messy, but it sits on top of the hair and shows up pretty well on even a dark blonde.

Sheila said...

I ADORE the blue streaks in your hair! If you are looking for something a bit more permanent, I've been using Splat! on my hair for a year and a half. It is more "dangerous" due to it staining everything in sight (don't even think about touching it), but it lasts until your hair grows out. My colour is "Lusty Lavender" and I dye over my grey (I do not bleach it) and it holds really well. My dark purple fades out to a magenta colour, but this stuff really lasts, and does not rub off. You can get all different colours in the drug store for about $15 a box.

Must see if I can look at your snapchat pics - I love seeing how other people shop!

Kasmira said...

Thanks! I wonder if my agility teacher uses Splat. She dyes the ends of her gray hair purple. I'll ask!