Monday, August 20, 2007

Lacy Day

Cream cardigan, The Limited. Cream lace overlay tank, George ME. Black skirt with cream lace and ribbons, New York & Company. Black pumps, Michelle D. Cameo, vintage. Roses umbrella, SkyMall.

I apologize for the oddly cropped photo. This was the only picture that turned out well, but I wasn’t completely in the frame. The mosquitoes were eating me alive, so no retakes. Who needs to see my right arm, anyway? You’ve all seen it before!


Anonymous said...

nice outfit, the pointy shoes brings more professional and elegant look.

Anonymous said...

ugliest outfit i've seen on you so far! but i'm sure i'll find worse :)

Hannah Sanders said...

Oh my... I have the absolute same skirt... but I bought it when I lived in India :-)) I googled images of cream lace top because I wanted to wear that to an English theme tea party with that same skirt :-) What a surprise!