Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yellow cardi, Mossimo. Navy tank, Merona. Khaki slacks, Moda International. Seashell necklace, thrifted. Brown braided leather belt, Wilson’s Leather. Yellow pumps, Victoria Spenser.

After looking at the first few photos I took of myself this morning, I realized that this outfit needed a belt to break up the expanse of navy fabric. It would also come in handy to camouflage the lumps of my pants’ waistband underneath the tank. A belt in the usual spot (natural waist) would have competed with the hemline of my cardigan and emphasized the pants bumps. So, I found myself wearing a belt much lower than I have in the past few months – at bellybutton height instead of just beneath my ribs. I love it. Maybe the ladies on Pattern Review, dissing the cinched look, have a point.


The Barb said...

So your belly button isn't just beneath your ribs?! Woe is me with the short torso. :-( I've been a lurker for a while now ut i flet I may as well leave the occassional comment.

Kasmira said...

Well, then, maybe my torso isn't as short as I thought!

Meg said...

I like the shoes. I don't normally wear any yellow because it doesn't usually work well with my fair skin tone, but I'm pretty sure that I could pull it off if I tried it like in your outfit, far enough from my face and balanced out by other colors.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...
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chris said...

I really think your apparel is so cool
I am an artist