Saturday, September 15, 2007

Green and Navy

Cropped jacket, Wilson’s leather. Navy sweater and green tank (beneath sweater) Mossimo. Jeans, Lucky. Green scarf, Ramayana. Green purse, JC Penney? Brown clogs, Gap. Golden apple watch necklace, Forever 21. Belt with colored stones (worn, doubled, as a necklace), Camp Foster PX.

The FINAL green outfit of the week. I have no idea why I am doing this odd shoulder-hunching thing in the photo. I actually wore a different outfit (hot, huh?) most of the day (to paint sets for House of Frankenstein), but changed into something more presentable for date night with the hubby.

So, it’s POLL TIME. I thought I’d do one poll for casual and one for business casual green outfits.

Favorite Casual Green outfit
Green and Lavender
Green and Khaki
Green and Navy free polls

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Favorite Business Casual Green outfit
Green and Brown and White
Green and Black
Green and Plum
Green and Lace and Tartan
Green and Military Black free polls

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Anonymous said...

I like the green scarf on you. Would you ever go back to blonde hair or are you sticking with red?

Kasmira said...

With all the acting I do, I'm better off as a redhead. I stand out more. Sometimes I do wish to be blond again. The red dye really trashes my hair!

Anonymous said...

Love the green under the lace top--definitely my fave though the military green is a killer if only because of that purse.

This is an awesome undertaking--I think it would help me to wear things I don't often wear if I tried to dress around a color for a week.

Meg said...

It's so nice to see you really smile :)

Kasmira said...

Yeah - I usually do the closed-lip smirk because I have a wonky tooth that I'm embarrassed about. Someday (when my husband GETS A JOB), I will get it fixed.

Gervy said...

Kasmira, I really loved all three of your green casual outfits so couldn't pick a favourite - each is quite a different look but equally fabulous. Totally disregarding that green is my favourite colour.