Monday, March 10, 2008

BB&B: Big Red Belt

Trench dress, Forever 21 (overdyed by me). Plaid jumper, Worthington (vintage swap). Gray tights, Merona. Red belt, Xhilaration. Gray slouchy boots, Worthington. Gold droplet earrings, thrifted. Red patent headband.

I have a lot to say today.

First, this week’s theme is Big Belts and Brights. Some days, like today, the belt itself will be bright. On one day I’ll wear more than one bright color together. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how a single bright can be toned down. And every day, I’ll wear a big belt.

Second, this is the first time I’ve layered dresses. This Forever 21 dress reminds me of a trench coat, with the breast flaps and patch pockets and buttons, so I thought I’d wear it as an indoor coat, over this oddly fitting jumper. I’m not sure I’d layer dresses again (because of the bulk), but it is an interesting experiment.

Third, I dyed this dress! I asked you all what color I should dye it back in January. The khaki shade just wasn’t working for me. Although the majority (32%) voted for cranberry red, I decided on midnight blue (22%) because I so love to accessorize this dress with my big red belt. I used the same dye combination I use on my denim (one package each of indigo and black dye). I love how it turned out and really like the new contrast between the khaki buttons and stitching and the dark blue dress.

Before and after dye.

Fourth, I was inspired by a picture on a street fashion website to try braiding my bangs back. I haven’t cut them since November and they are getting a bit out of control. I’m debating whether I want to try a longer bang style or cut them again. In the meantime, I thought I'd try fringeless existence. I feel like it ages me a little (because you can see all my forehead wrinkles). I also feel like my face is freaking huge without the curtain of hair.

Last, Happy Daylight Savings! Yes, I was a total goober and did not reset my alarm clock and woke up an hour late this morning. I hate the way it feels to get up an hour earlier than normal. Now I get to save that special feeling it for tomorrow. On a positive note though, I will now get home early enough to take my pictures out of doors, in the daylight! That means that my readers will have to wait until the day AFTER to see the photos of “what I wore today,” but they will be of a higher quality. Of course, I didn’t think of this until after I’d taken today’s photos, so the new schedule doesn’t take effect until tomorrow. Check back on Wednesday for Tuesday’s outfit.


Anonymous said...

I like the midnight blue dye-job. It looks good and it suits your far better than the khaki did.

I also like your creativity with layering the two dresses. You pull that off quite nicely!



Anonymous said...

I agree, the denim color looks much better on you, and pairs really well with the red.

I actually think the styling of the braided bangs makes you look more youthful. It also opens up your face. And you totally rock headbands, by the way. Your head/face are the perfect shape for wearing them--not everyone can pull that off.

Chocoholic said...

I voted before to not dye the dress because I really liked the khaki and red combination, but I like that color blue. It looks really good on your. Good choice of a color to dye it!

Also, what vintage and thrift store do you shop at? My family all live in either Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky and it would be fun to go thrifting sometime when I am visiting them.

Anonymous said...

Great dye job; works wonderful with the red!

Love the belt as well; I have one very similar!

Kasmira said...

Chocoholic - I shop at St. Vincent de Paul's on Colerain, Village Thrift on Pippin, Valley Thrift on Reading, and various Goodwills (Cheviot, Glendale, Hyde Park). I've wanted to try the Salvation Army near Reading, but I've never made it there when it was open.

I've been to a few vintage stores (Mustard Seed and the one that replaced the old Annie's Vintage location on Harrison), but I rarely buy anything. Thrift stores are sooo much cheaper (and more fun).

I'd love to go thrifting with a reader! As long as you aren't a crazy stalker ;)

Fia Kilbourn said...

Your hair looks great like that!

Anonymous said...

red and blue is hot! i can not believe that is the same dress... it really does look better blue.

Cheri said...

I love the way you put outfits together! I also love the big belt affect, and I just purchased a red patent headband and am looking forward to wearing it this week!

Nemesis said...

Looks good! I'm wearing big belts this week too...great

Anonymous said...

The dress looks awesome..the new colour and I think the bangs suit you best. :)

SHOEGAL said...

I would not have recognised that dress if you'd not put the old picture up. It looks so different. But in a good way. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with brights this week!

Miss V. said...

LOVE IT! Way cuter with the dye job! And way cuter as a trench than as a dress!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the trench looks awesome in blue!!

I love this whole outfit!!

Anonymous said...
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