Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comfy Cozy

Orange hoodie, boy’s section of Target. Denim, Dollhouse. Boots, Playhouse. Headband, Claire’s.

We all have our comfort clothing, right? The garments we reach for when we remove our work clothes and prepare to relax. Our favorite flip flops, sweatshirt, or jeans. These are my current comfortable favorites.

Hooded Sweatshirt. On principle, I detest hoodies. When I filmed cleaning product demos in the role of “young mom,” my wardrobe consisted of khakis and hoodies. Seriously, I think SAHMs can, and do, dress more stylishly. And what’s the point of the hood? You can’t usually pull it up and then expect to move your head around comfortably. I purchased this hoodie out of desperation, when I realized the comfort clothing I was wearing to Panera was so covered in cat hair that I might be mistaken for a cat myself.

Despite the hood, it is my current favorite “snuggly.” I love the color, retro print, and long lean fit. I can’t believe I found this in the boy’s department; it has flowers printed on the front! I imagine running into the intended size Large boy someday, both of us wearing this hoodie. He’ll turn to his mom and say, “SEE? I TOLD you this was a girl’s shirt!”

Jeans. I will probably cry when these jeans become unserviceable. They are so stretchy and comfortable. They accommodate 20 lbs of weight swing and still manage to make my butt look good. They are Magic Pants. Yes, they show plumber’s crack when I bend over, but that’s why I wear them with a long top. I bought them from the Delia*s catalog over four years ago.

Cowboy Boots. Ah, Playhouse boots. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: (1) you’re cruelty free! (2) you’re waterproof (3) I can wear you all year long (4) you work with skirts and pants (5) you have star cutouts (6) you were only $20 (7) your long toebox makes me look taller and leaner (even if I do tend to trip on it). I can’t help but wax rhapsodic. I don’t care if others don’t fancy these boots. They will have to pry them from my cold, dead body. Believe me, Mike has tried.

I love this outfit so much that I try to wear it to bed (minus the boots). I’ve been wearing the sweatshirt since Sunday afternoon. When I put the hoodie and jeans in the wash this weekend, I’ll probably cry like a toddler who’s seen his blanky disappear into the bowels of the washing machine. In fact, if it weren’t so cold, I might do laundry wearing only my boots so that I can pull the garments right back on, warm from the dryer.

Tell us about your favorite, comfy clothes.


April said...

Duuuhhh, I AM a SAHM and I rock the hoodie ma'am! As for their purpose, I think they are great for catching a pacifier as it is flung out of the mouth of a babe who has just been tossed over my shoulder.

And I am sure your hubby wouldn't mind if you did the laundry in nothing but your boots :)

Great outfit, as always!

Kasmira said...

April - I like your alternate purpose for the hood! Do you really prefer a hoodie over a regular sweatshirt?

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous your jeans last four years!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its the simplest of outfits that make the best --- and I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! I love the print on the hoodie and I'm addicted to hoodies. For some silly reason they make me feel secure. The wash on those jeans is perfect and the boots are rockin' without looking too hillbilly. This is my most favorite outfit that you ever posted!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I snorted with laughter at your imagined meeting with the 14 y/o boy. And I confess to sleeping in my clothes also. Love yesterday's look - especially with the red coat.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Wait, I just re-read your post. You didn't admit to sleeping in your clothes. Ah well, I do.
-Tessa again.

Laura said...

Love this outfit! I actually love hoodies, I think they're so cozy especially for late night trips to the backyard with my dog when it's cold outside. I also think they're great when you're travelling, to wear on planes, because if it's a red-eye flight and you're trying to sleep, you can pull them over your head and sometimes even down over your eyes.

April said...

Kasmira- Well, I am 37 weeks pregnant so I basically live out of my husbands shirts right now. But when I am cute and skinny, yeah, I like a hoodie. But I have to wear my hair up with them. I am weird.

Kara Kane said...

My work-from-home uniform consists of boyfriend-cut GAP jeans (a hand-me-down from my SIL) and an extra-long teeshirt to protect from drafts around my belly and back. I generally have to change the shirt after being attacked by my toddler wielding pureed foods, but I can stay in those jeans for days and days.
For my feet: now that it's moderately warm, I go sans shoes and socks.

Christy said...

1) A black-and-grey Billabong zip-up hoodie with a waffle texture in the hood and just the right thickness everywhere else. Because of the ornamental pattern, my husband claims not many people could pull it off, but I guess he thinks I can.
2) Industrial Cotton jeans with ornamental raised denim pattern on back pockets. I wear them every Friday to work and all weekend, every weekend. Often with the ornamental hoodie. I don’t care if it’s artsy-overkill.

Both were purchased at TJ Maxx. I will cry, too, if something ever happens to either of them. I’ve only had both for about six months but am very attached.

I used to love hoodies but my hair is really long and curly and the hoods create a nasty rat’s nest. (Wearing my hair up often gives me a headache.) I think it depends on how voluminous the hood is. The one on the Billabong lies flat, so I can wear my hair down with it.

sheesh--sorry this comment is so freakin' long.