Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ask the Muchacho: Answers, Round 2

Hello Again... As always, feel free to leave more questions, and thanks to those of you who've asked some already. I fear I'm a little overly verbose today, so let's dive right in!

C said...
OK, here's my question: Does she ever say "I'll just be a minute," when you're on your way out (to dinner, say) and then she changes parts of her outfit 3 or 4 or 17 times and starts messing with her make up and you get majorly (word I made up) annoyed, even if you appreciate her amusing and artistic outfits? Do you ever just tell her to "throw on a tee shirt because nobody cares what she is wearing anyway? (If I sound as if I am projecting from my own life, well, maybe I am...)

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
She's really good about NOT doing that, actually. I think the Fashion Show she does for herself every week really helps with that. If there's an event or something, she already knows what she's wearing... In fact, she always seems to know what she's going to wear, no matter the occasion. I've not had to bust out the “Throw on a T-shirt” move yet... It wouldn't matter anyway... She's been recognized frequently enough when we're out and about that I'm pretty sure I could never make the “nobody cares” argument.

Ella said...
What did she wear today?!?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
She has this website called where she posts her outfits almost daily.... I'm hilarious... I know! Seriously though, the day you posted this question we were in Boulder, so check out Day 2 of the Denver post.

Tara said...
Do people at work ever say anything negative or critical about Kasmira's outfits? How does Kasmira feel her style impacts how she is perceived professionally? Does she feel she is always taken seriously at work?

(And like the above posters, I would also love to know how you met).

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
I've never heard about any negative comments at work...Usually she's surprised when someone mentions something about her outfit at all at work. She's said before that she thinks she might tone down her workplace attire if she were in higher management. If it ever came up, I'd definitely urge her to keep doing what she's doing. “Flair”, to me, doesn't equal “unprofessional”. Also, I think the creativity and thought she very clearly puts into her clothing is something an employer would encourage. I could see an issue if she were wearing overly revealing clothes or tattooing her face or something, but she's very considerate of what is or isn't appropriate.

To read about how we met, check out the first installment of my Answers from last week.

Alyssa said...
Are her closets really as organized as when she posted the video tour a while back?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

Her closets really are that organized. I think it's because she loves finding fun ways to organize her stuff almost as much as she loves finding new stuff... When I found those antlers for her last Summer, you wouldn't believe how excited she was.

laniza said...
Oh Beefy One:

What is Kasmira's favorite junk food?
What is your favorite outfit of hers and why?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

Kasmira loves pretty much anything that could be classified as “gummy”. If it has sour coating, or chocolate on it, or some gross liquid inside all the better. When we go to the movies, you pretty much can bet on Sour Patch Kids being on the menu. She also likes the hard-to-find “Fruit 'Splosions”.

As for my favorite outfit of hers, I've been thinking about this for two solid weeks. It's so hard to decide... I am partial to the Summery outfits... Also, green is my favorite color, so I had to choose one example of each...

Summerfair. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to make an argument for the red hair, all you have to do it look at this outfit. I love the color it brings when combined with the orange dress. I'm a sucker for when she wears hats too... (Wanna guess who the Blue Ash Idol Champ was?)

Bad Ass. Remember what I said about Summerfair being an argument for the red hair? Same could be said with the blonde and this outfit. I love how the dark green creates a contrast with the bright blonde hair. The lead picture was on my cell for a while. I also have to admit that I like it when Kasmira goes a little biker-chick. The studs are awesome. (I'm also fond of that one vest she wears sometimes.)

bwhite said...
Isn't she married? If so are you her extra special boyfriend?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

Fortunately for me, the tenses are in my favor with this one. She WAS married (as in former) and I AM her extra special boyfriend (as in present).

Londyn said...
Hey Beefy -

Does Kasmira put on her weekly fashion shows for you?

Does she have funky fashionista "intimate wear" too? LOL! (kasmira - you know I had to ask...!)

You take really good photos - have you always liked photography or only became interested when you hooked up with this lovely lady to pose for you?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

She does sometimes give me previews of her outfits as she's doing her Fashion Show. I think it's mostly because she gets bored being in the guestroom, so she needs to break it up.

As for the “intimate wear”... well... Let me just say [[ THIS ANSWER HAS BEEN REDACTED. THIS ANSWER HAS BEEN REDACTED]] you can just imagine.

Thanks for the photography compliments... I've always enjoyed photography, but I've never really had a lot of time to cultivate that interest. Having a specific subject definitely helps.

RETRO REVA said...
Is Kasmira as "put together" as she seems? AS in, working,acting,blogging,a perfectly clean house,Gaming,kitty care,and so on! She seems like Wonder Woman! I can barely get 1/100th of those things done. Tell me her "Human -Side" ! I feel so inept as I tell my hubs what she is doing each week! He reminds me , "Honey, You're SPECIAL", but not in a good way!

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

I think the moment she read “perfectly clean house” she nearly choked. She's definitely put together, and I think her natural organizational skills come into play, so yes... she's that put-together a lot of the time. Then there are the times when she's been working on a show for 3 weeks and the house isn't perfectly clean... That's when she busts out the rum. (I don't know if she's mentioned it before, but she likes rum when she vacuums.) As for that “human side” you're looking for... do NOT mess with her sleep schedule. She has “very high sleep needs.” Seriously. Don't do it.

Jamie said...
Is Kasmira a vegetarian? Just wondering how much tofu one must eat in order to warrant the Tofu Muchacha nickname. Are you into tofu as well...or are we cooking separate meals? that her real butt?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:

She's not a vegetarian, though she does regularly choose vegetarian options when we eat. I, personally, have never been a big fan of tofu, but she's made it a couple of times, and I've liked it a lot more lately. I'm not a vegetarian either, but most meat doesn't agree with me, so I often go that way as well... She suggested “Tofu Muchacha” when I was calling her The Not-so-Beefy Muchacha on my blog and was looking for something sleaker.

To paraphrase Seinfeld... Her butt is real, and it's spectacular.


Londyn said...

Continuing to love your contributions! I was waiting for your post all day - LOL :)

Gretchen said...

I know you both, and would never have dreamt you up together. Having said that, You two are just perfect for each other. Like all good relationships, you are wonderful people separately, but MAGICAL as a couple. I hope you are always as happy as you are right now, cause you make me happy knowing you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Beefy!!! I feel more adequate now!! I take off my glasses when my house gets unmanageable! Things then get a lot clearer and lovelier!!! ;)
It's really tough to be a kitty mom and have a super clean house, anyway!
Kasmira is definitely a cool gal !