Monday, April 19, 2010


As you can imagine, I’ve endured my share of nicknames over the years. So many were unflattering that I’ve insisted on my full name for years now. “Kazzy” was popular with my teachers and friends at one point, but I put a stop to it because of the accompanying rhyme.

Sweatshirt, Old Navy (thrifted and customized). Dress, Jams World (thrifted). Peggings, Bongo. Boots, Dan Post. Belt, thrifted.

I had to stop wearing my peggings until I found a belt to hold them up. They seem to have lost all “snap” in the waistband and my other belts are sized for my natural waist.

Today, though, I’m going to own the nickname because this dress seems awfully appropriate for someone named Kazzy.


JordanMayTwigs said...

I love this dress.
It's absolutely killer.


Ashley J said...

Cute dress!! I love all the colors in it.

Kendra said...

Wait, whats the accompanying rhyme??

My friends in high school called me Kendy, I wasn't that found of it, but it stuck. In college people too to called me Kendji.... wierd, but I can live with it. As long as no one called me Ken or Kenny. I HATE that.

Kelly said...

The only things I can think of that rhyme with Kazzy are Snazzy and Jazzy.

Kasmira said...

Kelly - you are my new BFF. If ONLY that's what the kids were rhyming with Kazzy.

Lorena said...

Hmmm.... I am breaking my head open trying to find a sleezy word that rhimes with Kazzy and I can't. I am naive.
Anyways I really like this dress, specially the top :)

Lorena said...

Wait... could it be gassy ?

Anonymous said...


Elaine said...

Those boots are fabulous!!

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Fia Kilbourn said...

My first thought was jazzy, too.

I love this dress. I almost like it more as a skirt. Almost. It's great either way.

Erin said...

Dude. Do you know what rhymes with Erin? ONLY BAD THINGS. I totally feel your pain.

And I'm ridiculously happy to see the return of your peggings! It's because of you, I bought a pair for myself. They are the bomb, yes?

Erin, The Cheap Chick

Marley said...

Wouldn't Mira be a much prettier, classier nickname for you?

I'm stuck with Mar. It's really the only way to shorten my name.

And you look fantastic, as always. You've been inspiring me to look for florals everywhere I go.

PS- The boots are epic. You know you'll be wearing those till you die.

Raquelita said...

That dress is just spectacular!

Unfortunate nicknames and jokes about my name tended to focus on my family name rather than my first name....

The Honeyroom said...

I love that dress and I love how you accessorize it. It really looks like a different dress in each picture, very cool!

The Honeyroom