Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ask the Muchacho: Answers, Round 3

Hey Everybody! Once again, I'm diving right in. Thanks for reading!

SaraJana said...
I would like to ask, when did you let each other know about your blogs? Or did you know about them already before your relationship began? Did you formally "come out of the closet", or did it just pop up naturally? And most interestingly: If you knew about your blogs before you hook up, what did you think of them or the other person??

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
It's weird, but... I don't remember the exact scenario. It's far more likely that I knew about her blog before we started dating than it is that she knew about mine. I'm fairly sure I Googled her early on and found it. One thing I know for sure is that I LOVE her blog. I think it's awesome. In any case, there definitely wasn't a “coming out” moment for either of us.

Ann said...
Kasmira's home looks perfect. How does she keep all those lovely clothes put in their tidy little places on a daily basis? Or.. does she really have piles of tried on clothes around and cleans up for photos?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
Um... Both? For the most part, she's extremely organized about her clothes, and they really do stay in their various closets (It certainly helps when you use all of the closets in the house). Then there are times when she's been running around for a few days. The clothes tend to pile up in the guest bedroom, where the cats don't go. She's very....ehmm.... strategic about where her pictures are taken. It's not a terrible bet that when she takes her own outdoor pictures, it has to do with the house being less organized than she'd like.

marta said...
Do you prefer her as a blonde, brunette or with red hair? Short or long?

Now that you're going out w/ her, do you find it hard to keep up (fashion wise)?

How does she stay in great shape? Any tips, secrets?

Is she funny, does she tell jokes?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
So many questions! I'll answer them in order...

We met while she still had her long red hair, so I have a bit of a nostalgic leaning toward it. She pretty much rocks it any which way though, so I can't complain no matter what the color.

Hahahaha... Oh Marta... I feel absolutely NO pressure to keep up with her, fashion wise. She's so self-assured and creative, attempting to keep up with her would only make me feel bad about myself. I'm a jeans and polo kinda dude.
How does she stay in great shape? She runs like a mad woman, she swims like a mad woman, she takes a tap class every week, teaches an aerobics class once a week, and eats pretty healthy. It's a daunting routine for sure.

Personally... I think she's hilarious. She's really, really quick and also is unencumbered by being easily offended, so she's also an awesome audience. She doesn't tell a ton of jokes, though. Mostly she's situationally funny. She actually only has 1 real joke, and it's not clean enough to re-tell here.

Cindy Arenas said...
Boyfriend? Does this mean that one day we will be able to see another wedding dress on her?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
She's an amazing woman, and I'm reminded how lucky I am every day. I'll just leave it there.

Vanessa said...
Do you ever wish Kasmira dressed differently? I ask because I love to dress up, but I have a boyfriend who by FAR prefers when I wear jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers. I was wondering if other guys wish their girlfriends were more casual when it comes to clothing.

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
I'm the same way as your boyfriend... I'm not a dress-up kind of guy most of the time (though a do look sex-ay in a suit). That said... Her style is awesome, and fun, and pretty accessible. It's an interesting contrast, because she is extremely put-together and creative, but at the same time, I never feel under-dressed when I'm with her (even though I probably am). Her style is very adaptable.

peeks said...
Hello Mr Beefy

Do you rue the amount of time spent blogging? Or do you have happy side by side laptop times?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
Hello! I'll tell you.... She's got her blogging down to a freaking SCIENCE. She's very quick (and she does her own HTML!). I tend to blog late at night, so there's not a lot of side-by-side blogging going on. I do a lot of work from home, so if she's blogging while I'm there, it's usually because I'm stuck working.

lux said...
what is kasmira's ethnic background? (her name and her sister ping's name always make me wonder)

do you get enough time with each other considering all kasmira is involved in?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
Well... Her first name is actually from Star Trek, so I don't think that'll be a clue. Her background is partly Polish and partly “other European”.

We have enough time with each other most of the time (except when my work schedule gets wacky). The biggest activity she's involved in is probably theatre, and I'm pretty heavily involved with it as well, so we see each other a ton. In fact, the play she's doing now is directed by a guy named Dan (aka Beefy Muchacho).

Mel said...
With so many felines in the house, doesn't cat hair get on the clothes?

What's her best method of ridding outfits of the cat hair?

Beefy Muchacho's Answer:
You know.... I've actually never paid much attention to the cat hair issue.... I know that she takes great care to keep clothes off the floor, and to store her clothes mostly in the closets of the guest room where the cats are not allowed. She typically changes into more casual clothing when she gets home, too, so she isn't contaminating her “public” clothes with cat hair.

Also... Magic.


Marley said...

Damn dude, your answers make ME crush on Kasmira. And I'm pretty sure I've been happily married to a man for six years.

Beefy Muchacho said...

What can I say? I'm a lucky dude.

Kim said...

Thanks for confirming what I've always suspected: Kasmira is one badass lady. And you don't seem so bad yourself, sir!
It makes me happy when two awesome people find each other.

gail said...

great questions and answers. here's one for your next go around: with you directing and kasmira starring, do you ever get complaints from other cast members that you are showing favortism in casting her in parts? (or do you have a separate casting director?)

Lorena said...

Wait... so Kasmira is an alias ???
Her name is Lt Mira ?

Kasmira said...

Well, it was *Captain* Kasmira, but now I'm a civilian.

My parents initially planned to name me simply Mira, inspired by the episode, but found KASmira in a book of baby names and preferred it