Monday, August 22, 2011


My school pictures turned out badly nearly every year. I almost always got retakes. They weren’t necessarily an improvement, but who doesn’t love a second chance?

Today’s photos are retakes, as well. Weird lighting and humid air made this morning’s pictures unsalvageable. The retakes don’t have Beefy’s artistry (I took them with a remote), but you can tell what I’m wearing.

Dress, Merona (shortened). Scarf, Camp Foster PX “mall” (embellished by me). Bag, Mossimo. Shoes, Libby Edelman. Cuff, Pangaea.

A retake from 1986:


Rose said...

LOVE the shoes on this outfit!

And I love that the bears on your 1986 outfit had paintbrushes. :-)

Mia said...

That bear sweatshirt is to die for. Almost as good as those shoes!

I Art Fashion said...

That is one awesome bear sweater! :)
I love the bottom bear that has paint in his/her eye

Kasmira said...

I thought that bear sweatshirt was the most stylish thing ever. (He's painting himself into a panda.) I remember thinking I was so chic when I wore this sweatshirt on a field trip with white shorts and black sandals.

Vanessa said...

Awesome bear-painting-sweatshirt! (And great outfit today!)

Anonymous said...

Love the bear sweatshirt.

hillary said...

HA I always got regales and was sad I didn't have pics to hand out (not that people asked) when the other kids did. My senior pics were so bad we didn't buy them b

Unknown said...

How cute were You ??!!
(the artsy bear sweatshirt is a precursor!)
Your tri-pod photos are still absolutely great and honestly, I am jealous of your skilz ;)
(But not in a single white female way)LOL!
Lovin that scarf necklace, miss creative!

DaShannon said...