Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Purchases

I’ve blown this year’s budget, but I’m not likely to overspend as badly as last year!


I rolled my right ankle on two consecutive runs, stepping on treacherous magnolia seed pods in the dark. My ankle was too swollen for most of my boots and too unstable for heels. My moccasins and sneakers wouldn’t cut it for work wear, so I bought some “sensible” shoes at DSW.

1. Chelsea Crew pewter oxfords, $29.97.
2. Kelly and Katie leopard slippers, $59.95.
3. Steve Madden leopard boots, $29.98.

Now that my ankle is mostly recovered, will I ever wear these shoes again? I’ll make an effort. It’s just so hard to say “no” to leg-lengthening heels.

Supply at Deeda Salon

My stylists have good taste. The ladies at Deeda are killing it with their selection of clothing and accessories in the salon retail area. Now you don’t have to go to cosmetology school to look like you belong in the beauty industry.

4. Faubourg du Temple perforated bomber, $49.00 - $45.00 gift card = $5.00.

St Vincent de Paul

The SVdP in Cincinnati was my favorite thrift store. It might be my favorite here, too. The prices were the best I’d seen and veterans get 10% off!

5. Dana Pierce wool shorts, $2.33.

I’m trying to figure out what makes these shorts so much more hideous than a skirt of the same fabric, fullness, and length.


For my birthday, I asked Beefy to accompany me to Target and allow me to browse as long as I wanted. No fussing or complaining allowed. No rushing me along or eye rolls as I stop in my tracks and dart into the racks. And, I had $50 from my MIL to spend!

6. Merona camouflage shirt, $16.08 - bday money = free!.
7. Two faux pearl necklaces (one in with silver accents and one with gold), $16.99 x 2 = $33.98 - remaining bday money = $.06

November total: $127.29

Total spending for the year: $2196.28

Remaining 2014 budget: -$396.28.

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DressUpNotDown said...

I love that even though it's a negative number you still quoted it as "Remaining" 2014 budget...almost gives it a positive spin. :o)