Monday, January 11, 2016


I remember the low-fat diet craze and the vilification of the avocado. There was no fruit more decadent and indulgent than the creamy avocado. It was a fat bomb to be avoided at all costs. Today, it’s still decadent and indulgent, but now championed as a healthy part of any meal. I like to eat an avocado a day, either sliced on toast or just scooped from the rind with a spoon. It’s a much better lunch than the Diet Coke and apple I’d eat in highschool. (Sometimes chased with a packet of Skittles.)

Jacket, INC (consignment). Scarf, Canvas boutique. Sweater, thrifted. Pants, Polo Ralph Lauren. Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Toms. Bag, Steve Madden.


Melissa said...

LOL at the "Diet Coke and Apple" lunch from high school---often my lunch of choice as well during that time. So ridiculous in so many ways!

Anna's Island Style said...

You're a girl after my own heart - I eat an avocado every day too!

Just wondering when you find the time to fit a photoshoot in every single day?

Love your blog x
Anna's Island Style

Kasmira said...

Anna Parkes - I've got the shoots down to 30 minutes tops. That's if I have to walk a ways from my car and encounter technical difficulties. On a good day, I'm done in 10 minutes. I've been practicing a while.;)