Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sexy New Boots

Burgundy chenille sweater, INC. Dark blue skirt with black pinstripes and black lace edging, Moda International. Black tights, Danskin. Sexy black boots, Colin Stuart. Black and silver, multi-tier necklace, Target.

I did it. I bought myself a pair of point-toed, stiletto-heeled, shiny, black boots. I figure that if I buy one pair of boots a year, I haven’t been too extravagant. They are a mixture of patent and suede, with an awesome buckle detail. Even though the toe is very pointy and the heel is very thin, the boots are quite comfortable. Mike gasped and called them “whore boots,” but I think they are super cool!

I also really like this skirt. It is navy, with black details. I like the color combo, because navy and black are often so hard to mix. It has a wide, low waistband that makes the skirt very comfortable to wear. I have a matching jacket (with the sweetest, lace-edged pockets), but the last time I wore the entire ensemble, I was mistaken for a member of the hotel staff at our business event. I doubt that would have happened had I been wearing these boots!


Londyn said...

Alright lady, fess up! Where did you get those fabulous boots from???

Kasmira said...

Where do you think? The VS catalog, of course! :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Enjoy your new boots - well not so new now, but they are sure nice, sassy & sexy.