Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Striped Blue Corset

Blue velvet blazer, New York & Company. Striped corset in shades of blue, Charlotte Russe. White lacy blouse, Newport News. Brown pants, Moda International. Brown booties, Style & Co. Earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

I’ve been eyeing the stacks of corsets in Charlotte Russe since December. I imagined that a corset would look so cute over a white, button-down shirt. However, fitting a corset that comes in (junior sizes) S, M, or L to my adult-sized body was a little tricky. The small wouldn’t fasten at the top, and the medium is too large all over. (It seems oxymoronic to sell a corset that doesn’t fit curves!) I bought the medium. Because I plan on wearing it over shirts, a roomy fit is okay, and the friction between the two layers should help the corset stay up.

Buying the corset was one trial, wearing it was another. I didn’t anticipate the boning getting in the way whenever I sat down. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a short torso, so the bottom of the corset extends almost to my crotch. When I sit down, the corset hits my lap and the boning is eventually bent out of whack, so that it fans away from my body. Thankfully, my blazer obscured my boning’s boner.

Except for the blazer (and a NEW pair of brown pants!), this is the exact outfit I wore on October 13.


Londyn said...

I bought a very similar corset from there earlie this year and I had the exact same problem! Maybe I have a short torso too.... :)

Kasmira said...

Oh, no. You have a long, lean torso that I'm insanely jealous of! I guess it is just a flaw in the corset design. Poo.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

OK I love the blazer and the corset/bustier paired together and the colors look one and the same.

I have seen the bustiers @ Charlotte Russe and even-though I have liked some of them, never purchased any because at the end I wasn't a huge fan of them. White House Black Market always makes beautiful, unique bustiers. The original price is kinda steep but when they go on sale, they are a steal for the quality and beaut. ;-) You should check them out.