Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Upscale Casual

Green, silk-blend faux wrap sweater, Laura Leigh Ltd. White, mandarin-collar shirt, Mossimo for Target. Khaki skirt, Ann Taylor Loft. Brown fishnets, No Boundaries, layered over brown tights. Brown boots, Nine West. Short, golden hoop necklace, Body Central. Medium, beaded necklace, Urban Nomad. Long golden paillette necklace, Body Central.

I had an audition today and was directed to dress “upscale casual.” This was my interpretation. I wanted to wear khaki pants, but I can’t currently squeeze into mine, so I settled for the skirt. I suppose this outfit is cute enough, but it is too preppy for my tastes.

I did have fun layering my tights. The fishnets alone were too sexy and the brown tights have an odd, orange-red sheen. Together, they were perfect. The orange glare was muted and the fishnet pattern became subtle texture. I can’t wait to try layering tights again.

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Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Lovely outfit once again.