Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harvest Colors

Black mini-poncho, INC. Green, long-sleeved T, Target. Rusty red cords, J Crew. Golden apple watch necklace, Forever 21.

I had a rare night off tonight – no rehearsals, no auditions and no tech meetings – so we went to dinner and a movie! We ate at Rondo’s in Cheviot/Westwood, which had good food, but a grumpy hostess, and saw Children of Men at the nearby cinema. I cried through most of the movie. (I’m a weeper. For goodness sake, I even cried during Uptown Girls and War of the Worlds.) My turtleneck was full of tears by the end and my husband was thoroughly annoyed. Or maybe he was more annoyed by me constantly offering to tell him the time from my “apple watch!”

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